wellheythereneighbor  asked:

hello I was wondering if you had advice on picking a tarot deck, I'm going looking soon and I heard you're supposed to pick what kinda calls to you but if you have any advice I'd love to hear it ^_^ thanks and have a great day

Of course you should check books and online for all the information you can get, but you should always be attentive as the Tarot will reveal itself over time °˖✧˖° 

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Both: Captain Falcon.

Robyn: Seems like he’s become a rival of ours.

Robin: Yes, and as much as I hate to admit it he’s a pretty fierce opponent.

Robyn: We have to watch our backs with this one. We could be in for one of the most difficult battles of our lives when we face this one.

Robin: Although he might be one our toughest foes, we’ve accepted it, and are taking the necessary precautions and making preparations to deal with this evil.

Robyn: Indeed Robin. Wish us luck come September this battle could be waged any day.

Robin: But don’t worry Robyn and I won’t give up.

Robyn: Right. we will fight to the end, no matter what.

External image


External image

Captain Falcon: Hmhmhm.. fools. *turns around, and walks away*


(Note: Hey do you guys mind if I refer to Male Robin as {Robin} and Female Robin as {Robyn} just to differentiate between the two solely for the sake of their asks that come in? If enough of you do mind, I will stop though.)

Robin: Haha thanks for the compliment my friend, we try.

Robyn: Lol, but we didn’t snag Chrom’s spot on the Roster… How should I but this… Captain Falcon…

Robin: Eliminated him from the roster.

Robyn: Yeah, if that’s what you want to call it. I remember the scene like it was yesterday.

Robin: You see actually all four of us were up for a roster spot. Lucina, Chrom, Robyn, and I. However, when we started filming our reveal trailer. Chrom started off in the arena following his script and everything when…

Robyn: All of a sudden Captain Falcon jumped in and Falcon Punched Chrom out of NO WHERE! It was crazy. The script went out the window and after that everything was unscripted. I couldn’t believe the directors kept filming. Lucina lashed out at Captain Falcon and started attacking.

*Flashback: Falcon.. PUNCH! *Another voice heard from the background* “Jiggly, Jiggly” Translation: End him! Finish him nowww!“*

Robin: I thought she could handle it alone but this Captain Falcon turned out to be a unbelievably powerful foe. So I decided to jump in and help her. Then…

Robyn: They know what happened next thanks. Long story short after that scene Chrom suffered some terrible injuries. He was cut and no longer considered for the roster. The devs seeing he wouldn’t be fit for real battle before the game release.

Robin: So instead, after lots of pleading and trying to convince the devs he was all healed up and ready to go. Being his friends we requested they add him to our Final Smash.

Robyn: Chrom isn’t upset with us for taking a spot. Although we believe he may be pretty mad at Captain Falcon. Hope that answers your question friend :)

Chrom: No.. ehh… Really I’m ready to go…


1. Greninja (Most)

External image

Robin: He’s real sneaky, you can’t take your eyes off him or else you may be done for. The paranoia kills.

2. Lucario

External image

Robyn: He has this really fierce stare, its unnerving. And with his aura ability and Mega Evolution he can serve as a really powerful opponent in battle.

3. Mega Man

External image

Robin: He doesn’t look it, but his arsenal is what makes him intimidating.

4. Sonic (Least)

External image

Robyn: Sonic is just real friendly. Not really intimidating at all.