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- Eihwaz won’t be the only rune that Tybresa will have to face - the only difference is that the other runes will not be inscribed upon her body, nor will her life depend on it.

However, the fate of Runeterra will depend on how well she will use these runes - in more ways than one.

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// One thing I can't help but notice about your timeline is that you have the rise and fall of the Iceborn taking place four-thousand years ago, when Lissandra's lore states she aligned herself with the Watchers "Centuries ago". It's also stated that she knew corrupting the Frostguard would take centuries and she claims to have been killing mortals for the same. I realise it isn't conclusive proof but I've always taken from that that the Three Sisters ruled in the last thousand years. Thoughts?

// An astute observation, and one of many reasons that my particular take on this history can’t be applicable to all stories. At face value, Lissandra’s lore says she betrayed her tribe for power centuries ago, then worked centuries to rewrite history. 

There are a couple of reasons that I decided to shift back to millennia. Chief among these, Lissandra herself is quoted as saying “Lesser clans have scrambled for the right to rule this frozen land for millennia - all have failed. Now, finally three great leaders have emerged to rally the lesser tribes beneath their banners.” This is heavily implied to be the clash between the Avarosans, Winter’s Claw, and Frostguard, as the original Three Sisters War was a rebellion against the watchers from within their empire: Iceborn fighting Watchers. The great empire would have to have occured in a timeframe before lesser tribes were scrambling, I.E. millennia ago. 

Other points that I like about this expanded time are quite numerous. First, history is strong. We still have record of the Epic of Gilgamesh, said to have first been recorded in the 18th century BC, and remained relatively circulated for over 2000 years. This being nothing but a story about a man’s quest for immortality. In a time period when there are apparently scattered tribes throughout the world, altering a true tale of power and dominance of the human spirit really ought to take more than a few hundred years. Warping the Frostguard in that much time? Makes a lot more sense. I would imagine she was extremely busy trying to snuff out stories of the Watchers for thousands of years, then finally decided to start building her Frostguards once that was done.

Next we see that Lissandra speaks of seeing the world reborn in ice. There was a time period in history that the Watchers were pretty well set up, thus one would expect the world was pretty icy then too. Even magically driven, I don’t like the idea of nature moving particularly fast, for a host of ecological reasons. Thousands of years is still pushing it. This with a lot of other pretty major stuff that needs to happen, such as Shurima becoming a desert and at the very minimum ~600 years of rune wars between Demacia and Noxus (not to mention both becoming cities after the Iceborn empire clears out). Millennia just lets stuff fit better.

Finally, on a personal note, I started working on the majority of this world-development type stuff in January, 2013. Lissandra came out at the very end of April, presenting a huge number of themes and hooks that could easily tie into the world-centric “Shattering of Runeterra” story frame. Like many, I tend to worldbuild in an additive way, microintegrating those pieces which are most interesting and useful to a world that I believe makes the most sense. Despite Riot’s decision that Anivia should be a Runeterra native, I will continue to maintain my extraplanar frame of reference (unless otherwise requested by those who’s stories I’m writing into). Despite Riot’s decision that the League prevents storytelling and should no longer be a part of their world, I will continue to operate within it. I’ve seen a lot of people get agitated by thing like these, but I’m honestly quite comfortable with the concept that my story no longer fits precisely into the ever-changing mold of Riot’s lore.

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// Hey. I just wanted to say that it's nice to see you back :)

(( @askriven-theexile aHHHHH coming from one such as you, another veteran of tumblr, it’s very much appreciated! I’m glad a couple of us from my old days still are around! ;w;

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// While it by no means has to be anything like a car, I can tell you that the Journal of Justice once mention Sivir being arrested for "an alcohol-induced joyride in a hex-tech conveyance". Although the canonicity of that is rather up for debate, given that it involves pre-rework Sivir, it certainly suggests something of the kind exists in the setting.

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