A Doctor & A Date // askrfergusson

When the specified date and time had neared, Crane had gotten himself ready and out of his house, walking the rather short distance to the mentioned cafe. He had opted to wear a simple suit that had been tailored to his lean body, monochromatic save for the blue tie paired with it that matched his eyes. The doctor had obviously not bought it himself. No, the outfit had been picked by Wesker, who had a hobby of dressing the skeletal redhead.

Crane still retained his exhausted and nearly dead look, though there was a slight amount of a spark of life behind his slate colored eyes. In fact, there was nearly a smile on his lips as he settled inti a booth and quietly ordered a cup of tea. Nearly.

“Earl grey, one sugar, creme on the side, mm?”

askrfergusson replied to your post: In the /future/, Mr. Riker, I suggest you /refrain/ from venturing into the home of someone who desires you /dead/. -He holds up the hard drive.- …Or perhaps you merely need to learn how to keep a better hold of your possessions.

-He lets out a soft laugh.- Mmn…Be careful what you offer; I might take you up on it.

Hey, what’re friends for? *grins and chuckles, glad for his hood concealing the bite marks left by the beast*  This thing’s hella important to me, I seriously can’t thank you enough, man.

albert-wesker-bow replied to your post: M!A: Crane is ten years old for the 24 hours, and won’t remember being a child once the 24 hours is up. Have fun~

Well … aren’t you adorable?

askrfergusson replied to your postM!A: Crane is ten years old for the 24 hours, and won’t remember being a child once the 24 hours is up. Have fun~

Well, well, well…aren’t *you* cute.

…please leave me alone.

Tumblr Crushes:

  • Richard
    Not particularly surprising, what with how you follow me around like a lost pup. You’re beating Wesker, though.
  • Rat
    My phone still isn’t working. 
  • Wesker
    You’re a moron. But you’re my moron. And Richard is beating you out, you know… 
  • RichardMun
    …I don’t even like you. [ ILY BBY ]
  • confessionsoftherpers
  • Janus
    …really? Surprising. You’re a clever fellow, though. 
  • Arkham
    …no. I don’t have a “crush” on you. 
  • Jayce
    Well if it isn’t little miss Scars. 
  • “Charles”
    Can’t say I have too much of an opinion on this man…yet… 
Money&Favours // AskRFergusson

Four large manila envelopes lie on Crane’s desk. There are no sign of them being shipped, nor any sign of a break-in. On the outside, the first merely reads, “Consider us a grant” in neat cursive with the back-slant of a left-handed writer. Inside them is a total sum of more than enough money to buy a Ferrari, stacked in neat sets of fifty twenty-dollar bills.

The doctor surveyed the envelopes in silence when he found them, not touching them until he was certain they were safe. But once any potential threat was negated, he opened them with a small letter opener. When the bills from the first spilled onto his desk, his eyes widened and shifted from the money to the note.

Certainly, the doctor himself didn’t bring in much — if any — income; all funds were covered by his partner. But his ‘mysterious benefactor’ clearly didn’t know about that. Or didn’t care.

Narrowed eyes scrutinized the writing as he pushed the packages back, a fingertip tracing over the letters idly for a moment.


Crane stood, pushing back his chair. The man had courage. That much was plain. To make his presence known in the Scarecrow’s personal area? Oh, he was just begging for attention. Or worse.

He slipped out the disguised entrance and made his way to the address that he had been given prior by the man. Something had to be done about this. But firstly, Crane’s curiosity had to be sated.

askrfergusson replied to your post: M!A: So, I’ve heard a few little rumors going around. Your attitude being quite hissy and your motives being far less than straight forward. So why don’t we make your outside fit your inside? For an hour, you now have the features of a cat. The ears, the tail, the paws and they eyes. Your hair is soft and fur-like, but still the nice shade of orange it is. Good luck and enjoy ;3

Is that a tail in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

You tell me.