(( ooc: Rebooting is still gonna take some work in progress until tomorrow maybe however i’ll get things done and development starting as soon as possible! :) Yes, Therd and Thred still seem the same but there are gonna traits adding on as they begin their journey, along with their eldest brother; Raymond. info in their blog is gonna be brief because there are gonna be stories/plots( along with Lexie and Will ) in which you will learn from them in the future, so you’re gonna have watch for yourselves/ bring in some asks. 

While you wait for more, here’s a pic of The Kirkstone Brothers! lastly, if there’s anyone who want once-ler dad!Therd, those rps will be private and alternate.  Hope you’re gonna like the improvements in these characters’ bio and enjoy your stay in this blog!~ ))

mitch-is-my-mom  asked:

Question for Raymond! Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Steve Rogers? (I read the URL status thingy and I saw the post that explains who they look like :3)


Steve Rogers? The Captain America guy? Really??

Well, people did sometimes mistaken me for Steve

which I don’t understand whhhhyyyy.

I mean, c’mon, the guy’s a star! The body, the popularity, the face, tch!

No way I look like him.