king-of-fallen-knights asked:

Kiritsugu Emiya. I demand of you to answer me a single question of which I have been pondering over for nearly a decade. Why? Why in the name of oblivion did thou have me destroy the grail?

Who was this person? Kiritsugu’s eyes raised to the man that addresses him. The questions that follow made their identity perfectly clear - though. This for one, he knew wasn’t a dream - but from now on, it may be one of the dreams that haunt him, as he now learned there was a male version of the Arthuria that he summoned during the fourth Holy Grail War. There was something else that was off with them too - ah, yes. The color. He was pretty sure Arthuria’s armor wasn’t like this. The colors were off and different, whether this was a normal thing or not, Kiritsugu couldn’t be certain. But what he did do was shift his gaze away. He looked ahead again, away from the Saber. Did that make the version of himself there a female and Irisviel the man? Kiritsugu almost chuckled at that thought. Who’s to say that somewhere out there, that was a possibility? 

But the possibility of him answering Saber right now was a definite answer. Zero.