Open rp- what! My first open thread!

The usually wandering girl seemed to be frozen in time, and to be honest, she actually was this time.
Lodged in a block of ice for who knows how many years, so many changes happened, so many new things. Yet she stayed the same, she never changed. Locked in a sleep without dreams.
Lost. But no one looking for her.

(( I’m just going to tag you four because I want to rp with you and one of you can snatch this up and if the other three wanna actually rp with me I’llthink of some plots, Kk? Talk to me about it though?))

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Fionna had been working at the house with Cake all day. She felt like she should do something nice for Bubba. So all day, Cake had taught her to knit… Sort of. And SOMEHOW, Fionna had fashioned a pink piece of clothing, slightly resembling a sweater. “This is great! I’m gonna go give it to him!” Fionna waved to Cake, stuffing the object into her pack. ’Oh glob.. What if he doesn’t like it..’ Fionna furrowed her brows at the though. She then shrugged and continued on, eventually reaching Candy Kingdom, and soon, The Candy Castle.