Birthday Wish
Let me just be “real” honest for a moment. Today I’m thankful for a new year of life, but I must acknowledge that somewhere along the way I wasn’t sure I would make it. Earlier this year I accidentally overdosed on Migraine Medicine, And I was in a walking coma for about a week(terrifying)

I have had to “Change” the definition of “family” to permanently focus on people that I know, love & trust & NOT folks that have “blood favor” or “title” entitlements.

I am generally an Extreme Enthusiast and Naturally Drawn to the Positive, Faith & Favor Areas , but the level of pain, betrayal, & hurt from people had caused a darkness to kind of hover over me-

Until a few weeks ago, there was a lady laying in the middle of a bank’s parking lot sleeping. (Homeless people in the area I live in is very uncommon) I had seen her there many mornings & was always shocked, intrigued, & felt very sorry for her.

I also knew Faith without Works was dead FAITH ………but had no clue what to do.

God told me to bless this woman,
………and you would NEVER believe that every time I left for work she was gone!
One morning when I was not expecting to see her anymore she was back in the parking lot sound asleep. I U-Turned stopped on the street honked the horn so I wouldn’t startle her by just walking up and asked if I could give her something.

I kid you not, as soon as I handed her the money she said, “God bless you princess, God has forgiven my sins, so this ground does not bother me. I am just glad He gave me a second chance. I will praise him on this concrete because God says, "Whatever I touch, grows”

I am Growing Up and I am truly thankful that God saw fit to impart her story into my life at such a time as this. Gods timing is incredible.

I wish more people took a leap of Faith to do LIFE, What Say You?
Portia Chandler
Thank you God for another year of life, a “to live for husband” who happens to be sexy! 5 Fantastic Children, & an Awesome Job with Great Friends!!!!

One solution is for every attempt to highlight one sin over another sin, balance it with actions pleading with the church to wake up for real!!
We read the word, but fail to understand it. We hear the word but refuse the warnings of end times.

I agree with the realities presented, for example if you sleep with a student & your a teacher, you lose your job, license, & face possible criminal charges.
BUT IF: You call yourself a holy man and sleep with men in your church in addition to your wife, we call you a BISHOP, and let you keep your job in fear of judgement as opposed to serving a fresh plate of justice.
If that was it, my point would be invalid. You are correct yet again when you state people like the pastor you mentioned fathered a child out of wedlock and yet again he has his job in which “we” pay his salary…… I ask you, Who really has the problem?
Surely we can no longer blame the media for doing their jobs, you and I cover/ uncover stories not create them. It’s all sin and if we don’t turn we will all reap what we are sowing.
What I am really saying is that when we choose to ignore one sin because people highlight another: no sin is dealt with and yet again the church becomes powerless. Sound like your church? No Power? Sounds like mine… #COGICKID