Head cannon accepted

AND SO: Pops, Driven to even more madness and filled with uncontrollable lust for Asche gathered up all the slimes he could and went to his laboratory And that’s how the Adventures of Slimey Pops Began

ES-Pops: Now We can be together forever Ash. Together Forever….

Original story here:

trained with brush. meeeh, is not that good.

Also, drawing Deputy’s pumpkin head is hard, and when I tried drawing Premidio I didnt know how to, more female like or more male like.[but it ended up horrible anyway…] Tried skeletons then used Pops as the victim too. I tried Orpheus too, I made his head too big tho. I tried the new friend, Henry, and Mhan, I think I made them too small… @_@ 

Also I think I hidded Mhan’s  and Henry’s eyebrows with their hair @^@.))