You don’t get it, do you?

You could have so easily been me.

I could have been like you.

But I’m not.

You’re happy and healthy and loved.

I’m just a bother.

So you want to know why I do what I do and say what I say?  Fine!

Because my whole life’s been pretend and I can’t fake it anymore.

I have to hate him.  I have to make myself hate him.

Because I die a little every single time I see him,

Every single time he looks and me.

Because I know the way he looks at you

And he will never look at me like that.

So I have to hate him because I can’t love him anymore.

It hurts too much and no matter how hard I try to hate him

The hurting never stops.

I’d never be good enough for him anyway.

((OOC: I have to go now. Eponine is forcing me to go the doctor because I have a fever and I’m still feeling like shit. But I’ll be online later or tomorrow!))

((And this is for Marius, because you’re really really awesome and I love your cosplay and.. I should go now v//v’’))

anonymous asked:

Good to see you Jehan! Have you gotten a text or anything from E? ~ Marius.

Let me check.  I forgot my phone at home today, haven’t looked at it yet.

There’s nothing from Enjolras.

He isn’t the best at keeping contact… do you think something is wrong?


He’s a fucking prick.

Like, no one actually believes he’s that nice.

It’s a fucking act and everyone knows it.

I do like his freckles, though.  I’ll give him that.

OOC Update!

To all those who follow this blog: 

I am very sorry to have disappeared like that — school and my personal projects have taken up the majority of my time and I was unfortunately called away from running this blog for the sake of my life off the internet. 
I have now returned and while I cannot promise I will always be able to appear in front of the camera, I shall do my utmost to keep this blog running and answer any and all questions you may have. 

On the other hand, askpontmercyaskthegrandr and I are all on the same continent as of right now and in the next few days we will be getting together to chat and answer a few questions! My box will be open and we all look forward from hearing from you!

Again, my apologies for such intermittent blogging and please, if I can, let me know how to make it up to you as you are the important ones. All of you.

Wishing you all the best,

– Sasha <3

Well, ‘Chetta’s a riot.  She’s just so sharp.  Always saying things you’d never think of.  And she’s bold.  I’ve never met anyone more confident in who she is.  It’s admirable, really.

Marius.  Marius is the personification of sex  …he’s a sweetheart.  He can be a bit…well, Marius at times, but I we love him all the same.  He’s my entire world.

R.  What don’t I love about R?  He’s my rock.  I feel like he’s the only person I could ever cry in front of - he’d never think less of me, he wouldn’t make me think less of me.  He’s funny and caring and always knows the best place for a cheap drink.

I’m still working on Enjolras.  I’m…forcibly befriending him.  Or, at least, trying to force him and R to resolve some of their sexual tension.

And Joly and the rest?  I care about them and I know they care about me.  Most of the time, I trust them.  And that’s more than I can say about most people.