I hope you’re not gonna kill me for posting this on this tumblr, PLEASE DON’T!
I just really need your help! So if you could go to THIS WEBSITE click on “VOTE”:

Which will probably make this pop up:

BUT DON’T WORRY! I know that if you log in with twitter, then it WON’T post tweets for you! (I don’t know with facebook though)
Just click on one of them for example twitter:

Then it will redirect you to the site where you just press “VOTE” again and your vote will be registered!

So please please pleaseee if you could do that for me, then I will love you forever, and if I win one of the prices, it will bring me a huge step closer to getting to this years Summer in the City! ^__^
And I promise I will bring some goodies if I meet some of you!

Message me if you have voted (with your facebook name or twitter name so I can check if you actually have voted haha) and I will send you a personal thank you doodle!

Thank you and please don’t shoot me in the face <3


In celebration of this blog almost being one year old, here is some of my favourite moments of “Phil is not on fire 4” turned into cartoon!
Hope you like it! ^__^


Let’s celebrate the one year aniversary of derptubetoons and the first animation I made, with a “Phil is not on fire 5” cartoon! ^__^