As doctors who have seen too many children die of pneumonia, struggling to breathe, we are asking anyone who cares about children’s lives to join our public call on Pfizer and GSK to make sure all developing countries can afford to protect all their babies against this killer disease.
—  Dr. Greg Elder, Director of MSF Operations in Paris. Sign the petition at 

Vaccine costs are a problem worldwide. Getting access to these vaccines is vital to help people survive. Please sign. The petition to help the wonderful people at @doctorswithoutborders protect the people who can’t protect themselves.

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There is little hope for vaccinating kids living in crisis due to the high price of the pneumonia vaccine. Sign our petition at to help ask #Pfizer and #GSK to change this and drop the price to $5/child. 💉💉💉 #AskPharma #afairshot #fightpneumonia #vaccines #MSF #DoctorsWithoutBorders


Chaque année près d'un million d'enfants meurent de la pneumonie. Il existe un vaccin mais il est inabordable pour de nombreux pays en développement. Nous avons besoin de vous ! Partagez cette vidéo et aidez-nous à demander aux laboratoires pharmaceutiques de réduire le prix du vaccin à 5$/enfant ! #AskPharma
#AskPharma to give all kids A Fair Shot against pneumonia.
Doctors Without Borders needs you to #AskPharma to lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine to $5/child for all developing countries and humanitarian organizations.

$17 Million: Amount Pfizer makes PER DAY on its pneumonia vaccine. It’s World Pneumonia Day, and we paid a little visit to Pfizer Headquarters…with suitcases full of fake cash. 

Despite the essential protection the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine provides, three out of four children globally still don’t get all the shots of the vaccine they need to save their lives. The price of the vaccine is too high, and many governments in developing countries simply can’t afford to buy it for their children. Join us in asking Pfizer and GSK to put children’s lives over more blockbuster revenue, by lowering the price to $5 a child: 


Have you seen it? Catch our vaccine bus ad outside the #Pfizer building in NYC. Take a pic of yourself with it using the hashtag #AskPharma- Let’s call on Pfizer and GSK to lower the price of pneumonia vaccines to $5.00 per child for all developing countries. 

Nearly 1 million children worldwide die each year due to pneumonia. Pfizer & GSK have made a total of $26 billion in sales off the pneumonia vaccine. It now costs 68x more to fully immunize a child now than it did in 2001. It’s time to give all kids A Fair Shot. 

We took our mission straight to Pfizer’s shareholder meeting today in a bid to #AskPharma some tough questions about vaccine pricing.

Pneumonia kills one million children each year, yet the vaccine price is kept secret.

Please share and like this post to take action. #AskPharma   - ask Pfizer and GSK to disclose the price of the pneumonia vaccine in all countries.


 When prices are hidden, you can essentially set the price as high as you’d like. No one would know, right? It’s absurd, but unfortunately, this is the way pharmaceutical companies set prices for their life-saving pneumonia vaccines. 

Sign our petition to ask Pfizer & GSK to lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine to $5/child. (via

MSF is running vaccination campaigns to protect almost 188,000 South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia’s Gambella region against pneumonia and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

A key tool in fighting child mortality in emergencies is the pneumonia vaccine, but it’s priced out of the reach of many humanitarian organizations and developing countries.  Help us #AskPharma to lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine so all children get a fair shot.