Welcome mares and gentlecolts~
We are happy to invite you to the grand opening of Sweet Wishes our splendid cabaret bar, the doors are open to anyone who wishes to rest their weary wings. Stop in for a drink or just to forget all the troubles of the the world.

[[This is an open RP/ASK pony bar, all are welcome. However we must advise that we are not interested in NSFW RPs. We are all adults but we would rather keep this blog tasteful with just a splash of indecency~]]

Star :  “That fight long ago? I left it. Honestly those other two mares may use their mortal weapons all they wish.”

*Rolls eyes*

“Really? Do you all think I would actually need my powers to fight them? I CRUSH stars for a living, just hitting someone with my hooves alone would send them to the hospital.”

“Also I am a heavenly beast, I feel no insecurity about losing to mortals. Hex knows what he wants~”

Hey there everyone!
I will be streaming/drawing for people tonight as well since the interwebs is good now~

This is a donation stream, so if anyone donates I will jump to their picture first. Thank you for watching and your continued support! OTHERWISE IT IS FREEBIES


  • Use BOLD to get my attention
  • I will be doing freebies tonight however if someone donates please message me with bold and I will start your picture immidiately!
  • Donations are accepted and thank you for your consideration. 
  • If one wishes to buy another hour please inform me at the end of your hour.
  • My paypal is
  • When I type in bold asking for refs the first ref posted will be drawn~!