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Love your blog and love your art! Can you recommend any other artists who draws supernatural stuff too (preferably with some Destiel)?

you’ve come to the right person!! Here are some REALLYY good ones!:











wow ok I have SO MUCH just go through my destiel tag, it’s pretty much all art!!


Cas: …Dean?

Dean: Hey Cas so it seems you might have asked me out?

Cas: What? Auuugh just forget I said any -

Dean: No - Listen. Uh - if - uh - look. I like you.

Cas: Uh.. …. What?


look at these assholes


Dean: Ugh! I can’t believe I left my clothes…I liked that jacket…

Sam: Dean! Dean! Are you okay?! I was really worried and I felt so bad I’m sor -

Dean: It was just a bad day Sammy. It’s okay. … ‘Sides, I went home with this gorgeous woman - huuuuge brea -

Sam: Okay,get your dirty sex hands off of me. … Better get to the hangar or Bobby’ll have your head!

Benny: You slept with him, didn’t you?

Dean: No, WORSE. I cried and told him too much and he fuckin’ spooned me in his sleep and he doesn’t remember it and I fuckin’ made him breakfast and shit. Benny, I think I love him.

Benny: Oh, you poor soul.


dean is just a big loser


Dean: Hey Cas, I know I kind of ran out this morning but…Thanks. After how I came over…you could have just kicked me out.

Cas: No problem, Dean…anytime, really. …. So uh, would that be a first date, or…?

Dean: SERIOUSLY? I’m being open with you and - can’t you just like - UGH - WHATEVER. And Sammy says I’m allergic to feelings. Just ONCE I’d like to - UGH.

Cas: Dean - I - I…I was being…… …. … shit.


well, cas, you tried


Gabriel: If you take a picture, it’ll last longer Cassie

Cas: You know my phone doesn’t - shut up.

Gabriel: So that’s not his favorite shirt you’re wearing?

Cas: What?! Uh - no - no - of course not ; (thinking) Shit - must have - dammit


cas maybe you should pay attention to what shirt you grab from the random articles of clothing on your floor next time

or you could clean

also, good job gabriel, you’ve been carrying the same small box back and forth from the plane to the truck for the past hour you are working very hard


Bobby: Okay, that’s the last of it. Better tell Fergus so we can get back to our real jobs.

Dean: Ugh. So we spent all morning lifting shit. And there’s still, like, five hours left.

Benny: When are we gonna talk about it?

Dean: What, you mean Cas? Dude, I already told you everything.

Benny: Not that. Something happened yesterday. Are you going to talk about it or -

Dean: Hey, look at that! Some lost tourists who probably need a cab to their hotel!

Benny: Dean.

Dean: UGH. Who’d have thought Cas would be less stressful to think about - UGH. … Speaking of - Hey Cas!


movin’ on movin’ on

Dean: Oh no! Benny! Benny, you gotta help me! It’s been years since -

Benny: Look Freckles, you’re cute and hopeless but this is heavy.

Dean: I don’t even know his favorite color - what if I only like him because he bugs me??

Benny: I will drop this on you.


benny doesn’t know why they’re friends

Sarah: So, “Uh Sam” - What are you majoring in then?

Sam: Um law - I still have a lot of work to go though.

Sarah: So I guess a future lawyer might be too busy to show me around the island, hm?

Sam: Well…not too busy…


sarah, meanwhile, knows exactly how to ask someone out.

(note: sam and jess are just close friends, sam is crushing but jess is dating their friend brady, and uh timeline is super wonky so i’ll say sam’s in his second year of college. so he’s 19-20)

(also since i started watching the oc i’ve been super attracted to the idea of sam being a juvenile defense lawyer like sandy, a lot due to the way he and dean grew up and the path dean was headed down before bobby and karen took them in SO YEAH that’ll probably come up but there you go)


Cas: What?

Jimmy: ‘Cuz if so, Gabe owes me like 20 bucks…

Cas: No, I did NOT sleep with him. - Wait, you talk to Gabe?

Jimmy: Of course, you’re our brother?

Cas: UGH.

Jimmy: So…he just showed up and made you breakfast?

Cas: No…he needed someone to…talk to last night, so I let him stay over. I guess he wanted to thank me.

Jimmy: …and you haven’t asked him out yet because…?


(cas has jimmy on speaker phone so he can continue to eat)

and yes, jimmy called him because that seemed like the type of conversation that would be easier if it wasn’t done over text haha


Dean: That Blake guy is an asshole - Why the hell do we have to help?

Bobby: Money, Dean. Fergus’s gonna get an earful for springin this on me.

Dean: Who’s the redhead?

Bobby: New business partner. She’s a demon.

Dean: …isn’t that a little harsh?

Bobby: You’ll see.


(just getting abaddon in there. i had something a lot better and more detailed but it got lost when my photoshop crashed ;;)


Ruby: So how’s the PMS today, Winchester?

Dean: Do you really want to antagonize me when I’m about to use tools.

Bobby (off screen): DEAN! RUBY! You idjits get over here!

Ruby: Ugh what now?

Dean: Put your goddamn hair up, Ruby.

Bobby: Gotta lot of fragile cargo to unload! Castiel and Gabe are on the way too.

Dean: Cas - ? I mean uh - uh fuck - shit - fuck -

Ruby: Dammit, I just ordered fries, too. I’m gonna flip my hair at Sam and get him to do it for me.

Dean: Stay away from Sammy, you harpy!


dean was going to try, he really was

but the universe hates him

(i am so sorry the quality of this jumps around so much omg this is about the level i’m gonna strive for basically)