Cas: …Dean?

Dean: Hey Cas so it seems you might have asked me out?

Cas: What? Auuugh just forget I said any -

Dean: No - Listen. Uh - if - uh - look. I like you.

Cas: Uh.. …. What?


look at these assholes


Dean: Ugh! I can’t believe I left my clothes…I liked that jacket…

Sam: Dean! Dean! Are you okay?! I was really worried and I felt so bad I’m sor -

Dean: It was just a bad day Sammy. It’s okay. … ‘Sides, I went home with this gorgeous woman - huuuuge brea -

Sam: Okay,get your dirty sex hands off of me. … Better get to the hangar or Bobby’ll have your head!

Benny: You slept with him, didn’t you?

Dean: No, WORSE. I cried and told him too much and he fuckin’ spooned me in his sleep and he doesn’t remember it and I fuckin’ made him breakfast and shit. Benny, I think I love him.

Benny: Oh, you poor soul.


dean is just a big loser


Dean: Hey Cas, I know I kind of ran out this morning but…Thanks. After how I came over…you could have just kicked me out.

Cas: No problem, Dean…anytime, really. …. So uh, would that be a first date, or…?

Dean: SERIOUSLY? I’m being open with you and - can’t you just like - UGH - WHATEVER. And Sammy says I’m allergic to feelings. Just ONCE I’d like to - UGH.

Cas: Dean - I - I…I was being…… …. … shit.


well, cas, you tried

Dean: Oh no! Benny! Benny, you gotta help me! It’s been years since -

Benny: Look Freckles, you’re cute and hopeless but this is heavy.

Dean: I don’t even know his favorite color - what if I only like him because he bugs me??

Benny: I will drop this on you.


benny doesn’t know why they’re friends

benny’s known all about it since cas started working there and dean wouldn’t shut up about him. benny swears dean has that SAME REVELATION every time he gets drunk and then chooses to pretend he forgets about it when he sobers up.

he and dean also went to new york city a little while back and visited the natural science museum. because they’re dorks.


Gabriel: If you take a picture, it’ll last longer Cassie

Cas: You know my phone doesn’t - shut up.

Gabriel: So that’s not his favorite shirt you’re wearing?

Cas: What?! Uh - no - no - of course not ; (thinking) Shit - must have - dammit


cas maybe you should pay attention to what shirt you grab from the random articles of clothing on your floor next time

or you could clean

also, good job gabriel, you’ve been carrying the same small box back and forth from the plane to the truck for the past hour you are working very hard

Gabriel: So. Spill!

Cas: There’s nothing to tell! Dean UH - he offered to do uh my laundry last week. And I guess he left it in my stuff and I only have like five shirts so uh

Gabriel: Ugh. you’re so boring. You have got to get over your fear of old people at the laundromat.

Cas: One of them wouldn’t let me leave until I agreed to date her granddaughter.


gabriel might press more, but castiel’s life really is just sad enough that it’s easy to believe