Sadly, our projector is not working, Gus and the other gremlins are fixing it.

Mickey and Minnie won’t be able to visit us for a while, but luckily on her last visit, she gave me her phone number. We call each other all the time, and it’s not just girly stuff we talk about.

I usually spend my time asking her how her world looks like today, how much has it changed since we left. My views are still stuck in the 1920’s, so I get really curious.

A Rabbit and a Cat | Oswald and Ortensia

Oswald was walking around in Mean Street North. It was good to see everything alright once more, especially after the whole incident with the Mad Doctor. He saw a few bunny children in the Ice Cream Parlor but did not complain. He knew that Ortensia was probably going to kill him because of it. But he hadn’t seen her in some time.. After speaking with a few gremlins, he decided to go to OsTown, to see how things were going and if the entrance to the Mickeyjunk Mountain could be restored or not. After crossing projector to that area in Wasteland, the rabbit walked to the colapsed entrance.

Only when he passed by the Oswald statue in the center of OsTown was when he noticed that Ortensia’s window was open. Since there were no thiefs in Wasteland, that could only mean one thing. She was home. His honney buck Ortensia was back.  Forgetting about the Mickeyjunk Mountain, the lucky rabbit turned his body in the direction of her house and stopped in front of the door, his heart racing. Oswald knocked on the door.


There are no kittens, they all look just like their father.

It seems that Oswald always had the stronger genes, but I really don’t mind. They might all look like bunnies but they certainly don’t act like them, so don’t be fooled.


After the whole castle mysteriously arriving in Wasteland, and Mickey reuniting with Minnie, he later came back to introduce her to us. She was so excited to meet us, that she made us feel as if WE were the famous cartoons. I showed her around wasteland, introduced her old familiar friends, enemies, and my 420 kids (she immediately became attached to them). We’ve talked so much, and have become really close friends. 

She usually comes and visits Clarabelle, Animatronic Daisy and I. We usually go Shopping, have picnics, or just have girl talks at my house, we do drink tea but I wouldn’t really call it a tea party.