Numbuh 3: Hey everyone! Feel free to send us any questions you have! ^_^ we love getting questions!

Numbuh 4: yeah because it’s fun reading anons trying to hit on you.

Numbuh 3: Numbuh 4! you don’t have to be so harsh! D:

Numbuh 4: whatever.

Numbuh 3: Fine! Someone’s grumpy :C

Numbuh 4: NOT GRUMPY!

Numbuh 3: I think we should get some rest before Wally starts breaking stuff. We’ll reply to your questions in the morning! Sweet dreams to our followers! :*

allabtnothin asked:

By the sounds of what Numubh 3 was saying it sounds like if one of you get infected, im guessing you will just trap them and if it isnt Numbuh 2, you will have him create a cure to save the infected member?


Numbuh 3: Yes it is, Numbuh 4!

Numbuh 4: no kuki, no. 

Numbuh 3: Oh, is it a secret?

Numbuh 4: YES

Numbuh 3: Oh, okay, got it! A rainbow monkey caring friend is always good at keeping secrets! As long as the secrets don’t hurt anyone else!


allabtnothin asked:

Well i guess that explains why no one wants to play that especially against you. You would probably be the champion in that game. When was the last time you and Numbuh 3 hung out? And what did you guys do?

Numbuh 4: last saturday she made me watch cruddy rainbow monkey movies cause i got gum in her hair. which kinda smells like cherries.

Not that i was just smelling her hair…

it was just in my face when i was breathing.

theapuncalypse asked:

Auugh. *taps foot* I asked Numbuh 1 if you could lead for a day maybe, but he hasn't responded... I think you'd be a cool leader, Numbuh 4! As long as you don't make us build another clam cannon *groan* I mean like- on a mission. With explosions!!!

Numbuh 4: i could go for a good mission right now yeah