Here it is! After many a mishap and Murphy meddling we have finally released our first episode! We hope you enjoy it, and expect more from us in the future as we progress as mesmerizing mystery makers.

Upcoming Project!

As a few of you all already know (and this is new for my newest followers) I’m a part of a group known as Not My Division! They’re a small sub-group from the popular Pony In A Box Productions. We’re the makers of the radio stories known as ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Hooves’, which, as it says on the tin, is about our favorite consulting detective, in Pony-form. 

(Picture from our recent short: The Drapes)

We draw on ALL forms of this iconic character, though our designs are inspired by the very recent BBC Sherlock variations. Our stories, however, draw upon all sources Sherlock, and we do our best to keep them rooted both in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales and in the My Little Pony universe, we also have a few original content pieces.

Our first official episode, 'A Study In Magic’, will be coming out soon! I’ll even have a voice cameo in it! And stay tuned for a special short in the weeks after, written by me! I hope my Sherlockian followers will keep their eyes peeled for the links to Youtube once we’ve gotten everything finished! You can find our content here on Tumblr!

The Game is On!

The First Episode of Sherlock Hooves Was A Success!

While we have a few things to work out, we’re still a growing, learning team of writers, artists, actors, and audio people. Everyone did a good job on the first, and we’ll strive to bring you all many more, wonderful stories in the future! 

Followers, stay tuned for further news here on my site, and at

Thanks everyone for following!

A Bittersweet Farewell, and Writers Wanted for “The Adventures of Sherlock Hooves”!

The Division recently had to say goodbye to our head of writing, CodemasterC. His writing was what got the show started, but we still have a few more of his pieces left to showcase for the show. Code is leaving due to his need to focus on schoolwork, and his advancement in the field of education. We were lucky to have him as a part of the founding team, and will never forget his contributions.

Good luck, Code, and to the very best of times.

That being said, the Division is now also seeking more writers for the writing staff!

If you’re an old hand at writing, love writing mysteries, and are a fan of the show (or are a fan and want to give writing a shot), then submit to us a script!


1. We are just seeking SAMPLES of your writing. So, your script should be a SHORT. Usually that’s 4-15 pages. 

2. Keep the characters -in character-. Remember: Sherlock and Trotson may have points of smilarity to the BBC duo, but we pull in ties and behaviors from ALL the Sherlocks and Watsons. This resulted in the characters becoming their own unique set. This applies to other characters as well. If you watch our show, you know their speech patterns, mannerisms, and how they behave. Please remember this when writing your sample script.

3. Follow Format. How should a script look? Most novice and new writers follow this format:

(Scene One)

Trot: It’s simple, and easy to read.

SH: Yes, but there are limits.

(SFX: Sherlock walks about the room)

(Music: Something snappy)

SH: Not stimulating enough for my taste.

Trot: Nothing ever is.

(End Scene)

A more professional set up goes like this:

                                                 Scene Two                                            


SOUND: The lights turn on with a boom and the curtains pull back. Trotson and Sherlock both approach. Hoofsteps, one set slower than the other.


        Ah, now that is more like it!

        (VOICE: hipper)


         Better, yes, but are they up for such technicalities? I doubt it.

         (VOICE: Laughs softly)


         Oh, give them a chance, Sherlock! I believe in them.


         If you insist.

         (SOUND: Sherlock taps one foot to the ground as he speeks, belying his calm demeanor with eager excitement.)


Either format will be looked at and considered. But keep it to these two formats, and remember to be consistant with names, titles, and abbreviations.

Send your samples to We look forward to seeing your work!

The Game is Ahoof!

TheFangirl, and The Division