Hey folks! I’m Nordy- some people call me the bird boy. 

If you want to ask me some questions, or even just talk, the postoffice nearby accepts messenger peckers, or you can also find me at the hanging gardens most of the time.

((Welcome to Ask Nordy 2.0! This will be an askblog and potentially an rp blog for the character Nordy the Bird Boy from Bastion. The askbox is currently open and ready to receive your questions! We take both signed and anonymous asks, though at the mod’s discretion we may turn off anon asks at times.))  

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savecomplete asked:

hello, nordy!! what got you interested in birds in the first place?

Birds don’t shout.

There was a bird feeder outside my window when I was a kid, and I’d go and watch them when my parents were fighting. 

Mom eventually threw my dad out- good riddance- but I guess I’m still attached to birds. They’re pretty and nice and they don’t want anything except seeds or crumbs from me.  

gruearchive asked:

Who's your favorite customer?

Well, I can’t rightly say that there’s one favorite man or miss to walk through those doors. However, there is an older fella with white hair that stops by every so often. Now when he’s here, he likes to tell stories, and he’s darn good at spinning a yarn. Seems like he’s got a tale pertainin’ to just about anything you could hope for, and when he starts tellin’ them tales, folks start to drink a bit more, and tip a bit better. The old man doesn’t drink a drop himself, but I always like seeing him walk through the door with a smile on his face.

gruearchive asked:

((Asknordy here, I'm just forced to use my main blog for asks)) Hey, Rondy. I like someone and everyone's found out about it and is bothering me about it, and it's just really embarassing. Got any advice for me?

Hey Nordy, pull up a stool. Here, a mug of hearty punch, on the house, you look like you could use a pick me up. Now, what’s this I hear about folks bothering you about somebody you’ve taken a fancy to? Well, there’s just something that ain’t right about that. Anybody who takes to making folks feel bad about things that are none of their business are just about as useless as a breaker with a broken wrist. Sounds to me like the way to solve this predicament of yours is to stop givin’ a damn what other folks say. It can only be embarrassing if you let it. Does that make sense to ya?