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I think because typically human RPers find it hard to see animals with emotions and personify them, so when Pokemon RPers do things like ship their characters or give them complex relationships and plotlines, they assume it's because Pokemon RPers are all creepy and obsessive. Meh, I get the impression that most human RPers are snobby given the way they treat pokemon OCs and give no personality to the pokemon their trainer owns, so :T

I guess that makes sense. To be honest I’m nervous about approaching a lot of human roleplayers for that reason - out of fear that they’ll look down on me as some sort of “creepy obsessive furry” or something, especially given one of my pokemon of choice. Egh :/

But their point seemed to be less complaining about the way some people chose to give their pokemon characters human-like personalities and more along the lines of “all blogs with pokemon muses are overpowered sues”, which - while I can’t argue that SOME could use some serious rethinking and work, I think it’s definitely far from most. 

I have noticed many have pokemon that are treated more like pets than characters as well, yeah… I guess it’s just a different view on things, which is fine as long as you’re not bashing people over it…

And maybe there are a lot of ridiculous over-the-top characters I just don’t know about and that person isn’t aware of most of the blogs I’m thinking of and interact with