Which Pokemon should I choose?

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I’m working on a short animation project, and I need to choose a Pokemon to go along with my OC. Do you have any suggestions? Just no legendaries and nothing from gen 5.

If the Pokemon you suggested gets picked, I’ll mention you in the description of the animation once it’s done. ^^


Yup, took a while but I finally have a decent team, so it’s time to start battling. I had 2 battles yesterday but it’s always fun to see new teams, so if you have Pokemon X or Y, feel free to add me and challenge me!


(EDIT: Done battling for today, watch out for new posts to see when I’m online and looking for a battle ^^)


I understand you like Dota 2 but you don’t have to be so mean about it! Both are fun games!

But I still hate the region restriction. You guys wanna play with me? Hope you’re in Latin America North. I’m alfa995 there. Otherwise, sorry. :(


PS: Buy champions? Are you serious?!


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I personally haven’t played it, but it looks kinda fun. I might check it out at some point.



As you may already know, Castle Crashers has been recently released on Steam. It’s an awesome game, definitely worth checking out.

And actually, before getting into pony art, I made several fan-animations of the game, getting recognition from the game developers themselves. C. Crashing a Wedding is my most recent and best one of the bunch, just in case you wanna check it out. ^^

Of course I have a mother! Are you serious? Just a heads up, stupid questions like that will always get sarcastic answers, okay?

Pfft, “thought up by a woman with red hair”, yeah right…and I bet some of you think that is the truth, but it’s not.


Yay! he’s back! Now I’ll make sure he drops out of school so we can stay together forever and ever.

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Okay, try to bear with me here. I’m working on a big animation project but I still want to update this every now and then. If you can stand this sketchy quality for posts, then that’s great. Ask box is still open, so ask away!

Okay, I’m not dead, but don’t get too excited now. I’ll try to update every now and then, but I have other things I have to work on and I don’t want to delay that too much.

If I answer any more questions they will probably be single panel drawings and not much of a story.


Many of you got upset after that animation with Anti-Mage and Twilight, so here’s a bunch of cute chibi-ponies sliding into a box. It’s short, but it’s just to see if you like it. If you do of course I’ll make more with the rest of the ponies and not-ponies ^^

Also, announcement: I’ll be back to school next Monday, so I will update way less after that. However, I made a twitter for Nightmare moon, which you can find here: mlp_NightyMoon

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It will work pretty much like the blog. Just less art, but more answered questions. Kinda like the “old-school” Ask Nightmare Moon I had on my deviantart, in which I answered almost every single question. It will be like that again! so if you have questions, go follow Nighty and ask away.