I received a visit from a mare bearing a familiar name this evening.

Hattori, a legendary name in its own right.

We had a bit of a training session for her sake but it isn’t something I do often. I certainly can’t announce my strengths and weaknesses to the world, can I?

(( Sorry for the size of the gif. Had to resize it to make it work on Tumblr. You can find a full size here ))

((This... is a milestone.

It also happened to coincide with my 1000 followers landmark. I’m astounded that this blew up as quickly in a little under 2 months and I have a lot of people to thank for helping me make it this far and I hope all of you will stick with me for a while to come.

To celebrate I’d like to do a bit of a contest like I’ve seen others’ do. I can’t possibly hand pick anyone and there’s no way I could pick everyone so in pursuit of fairness I propose a random draw!

The rules will be much like you’re used to seeing;
1. Likes and reblogs will count, and both will be separate entries.
2. Reblogs will only count once per blog. You can reblog on additional/modblogs, but only if they have an associated OC.
3. You must be following me otherwise it’s not fair to those that do.
4. The winners will be selected randomly.

The Prizes!
First Prize; I will use your character in my first major story arc. It will be a main role and may or may not contain combat depending on a few factors. Of course you will have some input on how your character is used and your preference for content related to your character. There are a few constants, and of course, if anything unsettles you, then you are welcome to pass to one of the secondary prizes and a new first prize winner will be selected.

2nd and 3rd Prize; Your character will make a cameo appearance in the first story arc. This role may or may not include dialogue. Your character may or may not appear more than once as necessary and will not typically be in any danger.

Prize Notes!
Please, if possible, have a reference available for your character to access with relative ease. I will be drawing them as I need to so this will save me a lot of time.

This contest will run until Bronycon has passed since I won’t have a lot of time to draw before that. That means August 5th will be the deadline!
If there’s any questions, let me know. This is the first time I’ve done this.

Good Luck!))