gabashgabooshkala asked:

Your favorite thing about Cecil and Carlos' relationship? :-)

The fact it’s canon? Haha, nah probably how strangely simple it is :) In such an insane town with so much weird stuff happening it’s kind of like this little slice of sweet normality that makes it as interesting as the strange stuff in the town :D 

Essentials: Nima "ask_nims" Pouyamajd

(From top left to bottom right)

1. Pay check, in cash

2. “Hermes” Street Label leather wallet 

3. Volkswagen Rabbit keys, John Molson School of Business Lanyard, Erke keychain, vintage foot keychain.

4. Lavarock bracelet from Kona, Hawai'i

5. Vintage limited edition mini Eastpak backpack coin purse 

6. Blackberry Curve 8520, Blackberry Bold Case

7. Receipt from Cafe Olimpico, Montréal

8. Travel size Jean Paul Gautier Cologne

9. EOS Lip Balm 

10. iPod Classic, 120GB

11. Pall Mall Cigarettes

12. Clip

13. Eyewear strap

14. Maple Leaf booklet of matches

15. St. Hubert’s mint

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sharkophagus-deactivated2014012 asked:

So here's a question: what would your head canon of Desert Bluffs' Kevin look like? I always pictured him as being devoid of all of Cecil's neatness - unkempt bum-fluff beard, baggy stained shirt, greasy ponytail, etc. Also with two vestigial praying-mantis-style arms jutting out of his shoulder blades, for some reason. And instead of a third eye, one of those lights on a stalk, as you see on an anglerfish.

Ooooo that sounds awesome! I totally agree with the reverse of the neatness. I haven’t really thought about my own head canon too much…Well, what I do have is that he looks very similar to Cecil (obviously xD) But matted/messy hair, black eyes, blood stained skin. A few scars around face, one along his forehead. The third eye tattoo has its eye shut and has maybe been tattoo’d over with the sun logo, oh and other tattoos that are tentacles on Cecil are colossal squid ones on kevin (so they have spikes and hooks in :P).

I think i’ll have to try drawing him :D In fact i’m doing a meme style thing with a friend so that’s definitely what i’ll draw :3 

grawlixinterrobang asked:

Thank you so much for making the Make Your Own Cecil Flash Game! Not only because YAY! NIGHT VALE FLASH GAME! But because it means everyone can have their own idea of what Cecil looks like - and ALL of them are equally valid. Thank you!

I had so much fun making it! (plus it was the perfect thing to do while sitting around ill) I only wish I had more space to add more things, Cecil is such a limitless concept :D So pleased people seem to like it, i’m already really enjoying seeing what people make ^_^ x

anonymous asked:

Holy shit what happened and are you okay???

Nothing too bad nonny <3 Basically a lift went wrong and the side of my head landed pretty forcefully with the shoulder of the guy lifting me. I reckon the impact split the skin inside my ear. It stopped bleeding pretty quick but it keeps starting up again >_< Acting is a dangerous thing D: 

sharkophagus-deactivated2014012 asked:

There is also something sublimely ridiculous in their relationship as well, though. Not many couples start out with the one person broadcasting his deep interest in the other person's facial features to his entire town via radio, capping it off with "And I was in love".

I know right! And yet, even though it’s so weird (and kinda creepy) as a listener I can’t help but find it adorable haha. There’s such innocence in Cecil’s adoration, it’s just told as it is in Cecil’s own way xD 

ohdeanfell asked:

Just wanted to let you know that I think you are insanely talented and I love all your artwork, even the references I don't get/OCs I don't know. <3 You're wonderful, keep up the great work.

lajdcnsvbhfbuerwfbach Thank you so much! *ugly tears* Have this ice cream and this cake and all my huggles. *more ugly tears* <3

5qui99l3 asked:

Have you heard about a Welcome to Night Vale comic book being "in the area of extremely likely", as I've read in an article recently? I'd like to know what you think of this, being a fan artist, because I think canon character designs would be horribly limiting the Night Vale experience. After all (at least to me) it's the active exchange of headcanons trying to fill the gaps left by the lack of visuals that makes this fandom so unique and wonderful. I'd just like to hear your thoughts on this.

Yeah I heard about the possibility a while ago. I had the same concerns until one of the makers said it wouldn’t include Cecil. It would be about the town. Although yeah I agree, any drawings stated as canon could be a little limiting. On the other hand I believe WTNV is set up in a way that even if they did publish a comic then peoples headcanons would still stand. If that makes sense? I think it will always be a work that exists in your imagination as long as people are willing to embrace that :) I also think the creators are very aware of that ^_^

pattroughton asked:

Your drawing of Crowley has inspired me to (finally) reread Good Omens. (It's been... Six or seven years, I think? And yet quite a few passages are still very familiar.) (This has been a mostly pointless message.)

YAY! I’m so pleased I reinspired you :D I dug out my copy for a sight reading exercise in uni and i’ve just started to reread it again too for like the 4th time, forgotten how much I loved it XD At some point i’m gonna attempt drawing Aziraphale and maybe both of them together but you know, i’m lazy haha xD x

orians-belt asked:

after you receive this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten favorite followers :)

errrr really? Cause i’m not that interesting lol…



  • I’m short, really short lol, i’m only 5ft (154cm) 
  • I put the milk in the bowl before the cereal (I know right? THE HORROR)
  • I’m classical trained in singing, please don’t ask me to prove it lol xD
  • I have a bit of a skill at remembering long series of numbers
  • Oh and my hair goes all the way to my butt :3 (and on the butt note I have two separate appreciation groups for my butt, aww yeah)  

a-social-construct asked:

Hi, I had a problem with the tumblr nightvaleradioshow reposting some of my art, and while scrolling through their blog, I saw that they'd reposted some of yours without link/source/credit also, so I thought you'd like to know. (Also, I love your art) <3

Thank you <3 I’ve sent them a message and i’ll contact tumblr support if it gets ignored ^_^ x

anonymous asked:

Hey Nimsley, if your art block is still troubling you, how about some Cecilos with the One True Timepiece in Night Vale? I <3 your art! Hope you are having a good day!

Hai Anon :) I shall add that to my ‘strange list of things to attempt drawing to get out of my artblock.’ Might end up doing a major sketch dump, or at least trying :P x

anonymous asked:

Thought I'd say I love you're art and you're blog's one of my favourites (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

sajncdhbvskas omg thank you! You made my evening :D *throws party and gives anon cake* x