VDC Challenge - Day 2 - Part 1

Including: askthesillystickmenaskrainbow-blitzasknightflower and junes-pony


Panel 1

Teddie: Oh wow, this place is bear-ti-ful!

Yosuke: I would enjoy this more if I could shift around… Could you please move over?

Kanji: Yeah seriously Teddie, I’m trying to sleep here.

Panel 2

Yosuke: Why do you need so much space to nap?  And why didn’t you sleep on the boat like a normal pony?

Kanji: Oi, Screw you! It’s not my fault there’s a six hour difference between here and neighppon.

Yosuke: Whatever.

Teddie: Guys, don’t fight…

Panel 3

Kanji: Don’t “Whatever” me, I’ll kick your ass!

Yosuke: What. Ev. Er.

Kanji: Why you little–

Nightflower: Oh, ho ho~ What a cute little couple you two are!

Rainbow Blitz (under his breath): “Couple”? Does that mean the orange one is taken? And I had my eye on him too…

Panel 4

Nightflower: If you two are going to keep fighting like that…

Nightflower: You could at least give us the honor of watching you two make up afterwards….

Panel 5

Kanji: Excuse me? What did you just call us?

Teddie: Oh no…

Nightflower: I called you two an item of course.  It’s quite obvious if you think about it~

Teddie: Kanji she’s only jok-

Panel 6

Kanji: Look Lady, I don’t know who you are, and you obviously do not know me.

Kanji: And I am sick and tired of people automatically thinking I’m gay when they see me!

Panel 7

Kanji: I am *not* in the mood for any of this, especially after what happened to me today…

Panel 8

Teddie: Yosuke, do you see that?! He’s summoning his bear–

Yosuke: Yeah I know! It’s not possible! Nevermind that though, we have to stop him!

Yosuke: Otherwise he’s gonna blow it for us!

Panel 9

Yosuke: KANJI I LOVE YOU!!!!

Nightflower: …

Rainbow Blitz: …

Panel 10

Teddie: …

Yosuke: …

Yosuke (thinking): (( What did I just say?!  What did I just *DO*… ))


VDC Challenge - Day 2 - Part 2

Including: asknightflower and junes-pony


Panel 1

Kanji: Um… What?! A… Are you serious?

Yosuke (Thinking): (( Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Why is that the only thing I could think of to make him stop… Oh god… ))

Panel 2 

Yosuke: Of course I am, S… Sweetheart! Why don’t you lean in close so I can whisper sweet nothings in your ear…

Kanji: Wh… No… I don’t think I wanna.

Panel 3

Yosuke: Oh no, I INSIST.

Kanji: Senpai… What the hell. You’re scaring me.

Panel 4

Kanji: What are you doing?

Yosuke: Saving you from doing something really stupid! By the way you owe me for this…

Kanji: What?

Yosuke: Just play along until the Tram touches down and I’ll explain everything, ok?

Kanji: Ok… I’m trusting you on this one…

Panel 5

Nightflower (Thinking): (( That’s weird… Their body language doesn’t really scream “In love” to me… ))

(( Especially since the orange one is giving the purple one a death glare. ))

(( They’re up to something! ))

Panel 6

Nightflower: Hey, now that you two are happy, why don’t you kiss and make up?

Yosuke: You just don’t know when to quit, do you lady?

Nightflower: Why the lip? There shouldn’t be a problem if you two are actually in love, right?

Panel 7

Yosuke: Well… You heard her, Kanji-kun.  Why don’t you give me, your obvious lover, a kiss?

Kanji (whispering): why?  I don’t think I can do this, Senpai…

Panel 8

Yosuke: Oh Kanji… I’m so happy I’m just crying! Ha… Ha…

Kanji: Yosuke-Senpai…

Panel 9 (No text)

Panel 10


Yosuke (Whispering): Celestia bless you, voice in the sky… I think you just saved our sanity!

asknightflower-deactivated20121 asked:

*blushes, positiong myself next to aloe and imitating the massage, caressing every curve delicately*

That’s right! Always remember to avoid working directly over the spine, unless you are using extremely gentle, or feathering-type strokes. Work into the muscles either side of the spine instead. 

Next you go to their right side. Take your right hoof and put it on their shoulder. Place your left hoof on their lower back. Meet both hooves together and make your way up to the shoulder, then down to the arms. *does the explanation* Okay now you try it.

asknightflower-deactivated20121 asked:

okay, that sounds good

Okay, so position yourself at the head with them lying on their tummy, face downward, and arms by their sides. Starting on their upper back, glide your hooves slowly down either side of the spine, back up the sides of the body, and lightly over the shoulders, like this. *shows her*