(( Continuation of this))

(( Sorry this took so long for me to get up. I was hoping to have it done before prom but… eh, I got lazy :/ ANYWAY! Who’s all partyin’ with the Overlord?! Dees guise! (a few of these are NSFW)

Scarlet Rose
Mad Stella
Cephas Red
Captain Shadowstep
and Obsidian))


VDC Challenge - Day 2 - Part 1

Including: askthesillystickmenaskrainbow-blitzasknightflower and junes-pony


Panel 1

Teddie: Oh wow, this place is bear-ti-ful!

Yosuke: I would enjoy this more if I could shift around… Could you please move over?

Kanji: Yeah seriously Teddie, I’m trying to sleep here.

Panel 2

Yosuke: Why do you need so much space to nap?  And why didn’t you sleep on the boat like a normal pony?

Kanji: Oi, Screw you! It’s not my fault there’s a six hour difference between here and neighppon.

Yosuke: Whatever.

Teddie: Guys, don’t fight…

Panel 3

Kanji: Don’t “Whatever” me, I’ll kick your ass!

Yosuke: What. Ev. Er.

Kanji: Why you little–

Nightflower: Oh, ho ho~ What a cute little couple you two are!

Rainbow Blitz (under his breath): “Couple”? Does that mean the orange one is taken? And I had my eye on him too…

Panel 4

Nightflower: If you two are going to keep fighting like that…

Nightflower: You could at least give us the honor of watching you two make up afterwards….

Panel 5

Kanji: Excuse me? What did you just call us?

Teddie: Oh no…

Nightflower: I called you two an item of course.  It’s quite obvious if you think about it~

Teddie: Kanji she’s only jok-

Panel 6

Kanji: Look Lady, I don’t know who you are, and you obviously do not know me.

Kanji: And I am sick and tired of people automatically thinking I’m gay when they see me!

Panel 7

Kanji: I am *not* in the mood for any of this, especially after what happened to me today…

Panel 8

Teddie: Yosuke, do you see that?! He’s summoning his bear–

Yosuke: Yeah I know! It’s not possible! Nevermind that though, we have to stop him!

Yosuke: Otherwise he’s gonna blow it for us!

Panel 9

Yosuke: KANJI I LOVE YOU!!!!

Nightflower: …

Rainbow Blitz: …

Panel 10

Teddie: …

Yosuke: …

Yosuke (thinking): (( What did I just say?!  What did I just *DO*… ))


VDC Challenge - Day 2 - Part 2

Including: asknightflower and junes-pony


Panel 1

Kanji: Um… What?! A… Are you serious?

Yosuke (Thinking): (( Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Why is that the only thing I could think of to make him stop… Oh god… ))

Panel 2 

Yosuke: Of course I am, S… Sweetheart! Why don’t you lean in close so I can whisper sweet nothings in your ear…

Kanji: Wh… No… I don’t think I wanna.

Panel 3

Yosuke: Oh no, I INSIST.

Kanji: Senpai… What the hell. You’re scaring me.

Panel 4

Kanji: What are you doing?

Yosuke: Saving you from doing something really stupid! By the way you owe me for this…

Kanji: What?

Yosuke: Just play along until the Tram touches down and I’ll explain everything, ok?

Kanji: Ok… I’m trusting you on this one…

Panel 5

Nightflower (Thinking): (( That’s weird… Their body language doesn’t really scream “In love” to me… ))

(( Especially since the orange one is giving the purple one a death glare. ))

(( They’re up to something! ))

Panel 6

Nightflower: Hey, now that you two are happy, why don’t you kiss and make up?

Yosuke: You just don’t know when to quit, do you lady?

Nightflower: Why the lip? There shouldn’t be a problem if you two are actually in love, right?

Panel 7

Yosuke: Well… You heard her, Kanji-kun.  Why don’t you give me, your obvious lover, a kiss?

Kanji (whispering): why?  I don’t think I can do this, Senpai…

Panel 8

Yosuke: Oh Kanji… I’m so happy I’m just crying! Ha… Ha…

Kanji: Yosuke-Senpai…

Panel 9 (No text)

Panel 10


Yosuke (Whispering): Celestia bless you, voice in the sky… I think you just saved our sanity!