Phoenixtale Project The Multiverse Adventure Set 1 Phoenixtale Family 

I blame @sugartalesans for me ending up drawing babybones version after the overload of cuteness of babybones Geno and Sugar with the cracker and the voice Sugar uses durning her stream omg

Anyway these are my guys from The Phoenixtale Project the multiverse adventure ill be posting sets of the characters so youll see all the character that will appear and some of there looks.

next set 2 will have sugar and melon @missladytale and the momma cq kids @alainaprana along with asy from @furgemancs

if you guys have any question about my characters in the pic let me know

Soap films can create remarkable flow visualizations when illuminated with monochromatic (single color) light. Each of the photos above shows a flow moving from left to right with a small object near the left creating an obstruction. In the top two images, the objects are cylinders; in the lower one it’s a flat plate tilted at 45 degrees. All of the objects shed vortices as the flow moves past. These vortices alternate in direction – the first spins clockwise, the next counter-clockwise, then clockwise again and so on. This pattern is known as a von Karman vortex street and can even show up in the atmosphere! (Image credit: D. Araya et al.)