Closed RP with Ask-Nathan-Stark.

“Alright everyone, stick together. We have special permission from Dr. Blake to tour GD. That means ground rules: A) No touching the experiments. B) No bothering other scientists. Remember, you are all still in high school." 
A student raised his hand, trying to ask a question. 
"No, Daniel, I do not care if you are eleven and in 12th Grade Advanced Thermonuclear Physics. They are trained professionals and have had far more schooling than any of you. So do not bother them! And finally C) Pay attention to the lecture. It will be on the test.” She smiled at the American History class she brought to GD. They all had a mixture of boredom and excitement on their faces. They all pretty much thought American history was useless, especially coming from a teacher who only had a Masters in History. Of course, they didn’t know about her other degrees, but that didn’t matter. She had no problem flunking them for not taking the course serious.