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Can you do a post with all of the hair types & pics? I don't really know what my hair type is (I have an idea) & I figured you might

From your pictures you’re more of a 2C, and a 3A. I kinda dont really go by these because most people have tons of hair types in their head. Like I am definitely a 3C, 3A, & 4A. And my texture has dramatically changed, ever since I started taking care of it! I was at 4B/C. So it kinda varies. Hopes this Helps Chica!

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what oils do you use for your scalp? i dont know what to use because my hair gets icthy :( & whats your hair regimen i want my fro to grow lol

COCONUT OIL OMG I cannot stress this enough..I looooooove Coconut oil!! Works wonders… & Right now Im in the middle of Changing my hair Regimen..buut this is what Im doing now.

1. Washing Hair & deep conditioning once a week- This isn’t something set or something I have to do faithfully (Like I havent done it this week bc I really like my curls :] ) but I am pretty consistent. & I usually make my own deep conditioner 

3. oil hair & scalp right after washing hair..then later mid week.

* Now im starting to co-wash randomly once a week.

4. I normally wear a wash & go…so when needed I through in some leave in conditioner.



EVOO (use this one a lot)


Moroccan oil


Go to my Blog and hit the Napturally Challenged gives you a break down of oils and Tips and Tricks :] Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more.

xo Stay Naptural.

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whats it like to be half Ethiopian and half african american?

Its amaaaaaazing!!!


It has its ups & downs…When I am with one side…sometimes I hear them talking about the other. Its more African Americans talking about Africans (in general)..but we LOOVE Ethiopians for some reason. And I hear more Africans (Other than Ethiopians) talking REALLY badly towards Africans Americans. Of course I go off a lil, but we ALL just need to be educated.

I relate to more African Americans…just because I live with my mom who is African American…but my dad is in my life…sometimes…and he would make me watch sooooo many documentaries on Ethiopia & Haile Selassie. So now I am at the point in trying to tap into my Ethiopian side its soo fun!

* I wanna know who asked me this!! (Was it my new Follower?!?)

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You look nothing like Raven or Marsha! GTFOH and take a look in the mirror

FYI I never said I look like either of them, so there would be no need for any of this “looking in the mirror” bull crap. If you can read, an Anon OBVIOUSLY Told ME who I resemble. I know what the freak I look like! Obviously you MUST be ashamed since you Anon. If you gonna come at me…COME CORRECT!