I'm Coming Home

Home. Zamira was finally home… Or, well, close enough. Her old base practically was home with how long she had been there before her brief time at a new base. And now? Now she was back. Not for too long, though. She’d overheard talk of possibly being transferred elsewhere… But, for now, she was back. And boy, did she have a lot to do before they dragged her away again.

First of all, she had to get at least somewhat situated in her new room. She was going to be here for a while, might as well be comfortable. While unpacking some necessary items, she stumbled across two of the most precious. A lighter, and some dried flowers. What could possibly be so special about such ordinary items? Well, it wasn’t truly the items themselves, but who gave them to her.

These objects brought to mind the second item on her To Do List. Surprising Monty and Damien with her sudden return. More specifically, surprising Monty. Damien didn’t seem to care as much that she had left… Heck, did he even really say good bye? Everything after the sobbing farewell with Monty was a dark and confusing blur…

Pocketing the lighter, the young Scout left her room with a soft smile on her face. She glanced around before casually sneaking out, finding her way into the RED base without a problem. She still remembered exactly where to go, and before she knew it Monty’s bedroom door was right in front of her. She could only hope that said-Pyro was in there, and alone…

With a deep breath, Zamira knocked. “Monty, ya in there…?”

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“Fuck, babe. I’m right here.” The brunette was leaning on the Scout’s doorway, her face glowing from the little brass lighter in her hands, a faint ‘clink’ later and her face was swallowed in darkness again. A smile on her lips.

Zamira looked up, her face instantly filling with relief. But that was short-lived, and immediately it was filled with sadness and worry. She practically threw herself at the Pyro, wrapping her arms around the woman’s waist and hugging her tightly.

“I dun want anythin’ happenin’ t’ ya, Monty… I dun wanna lose another best friend…” she muttered, looking up at her.