Imagine with all the boys for Molly - (I'm a youtuber)

I’ve been on youtube for about to 2 years, I grew up because 1 year after I start I was with 1 million of followers and now I just gotten 2. And this is a lot of people, and today would be the day of make a video.

“whaaaaaaaaaat’s up darling! I’M SO HAPPY!” I said making a funny face like ever, “Do you want to know why? I GOT 2 million! you guys are amaziiiiiing! And this makes me really happy, because if you like my videos this is what I keep here doing them. So I don’t have words to explain how this means to me! Thank you so much! And today, I’m gonna do a askMolly, let du” I said running to catch my phone.

“Would you rather camping in beach or mountains? BEAAAAACH! Beach wins all, what’s the last song that have you heard?” I show the camera my playlist, “coldplay babies! Do you have pet animal? Melly come here!” I called my dog and she jumped in bed, “coffe or tea?” I put Little Things by One Direction and start sing “you can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea, TEAM TEA! What concerts have you ever been? I went in the Coldplay concert was awesooooome, Imagine Dragons, Artic Monkeys, Justeeeen and Maroon5 and I’ll this year, I mean wanna go because I don’t have sure, whatever Muse, One Direction and Macklemore, oh yeah! I’m so eclectic!” I did the happiest face, “what’s your celebrity crush? Oooh there’re so many! I got a platonic love with Adam Levine and Chris Martin but I would love meet the Magcon Boys, I think they’re all cool, they’re in my age, they’re cute and handsome and I’d love meet and maybe…hm” I made weird things with my hand trying to imply something then I laughed, “do you have highlights? Yasssss” I show them, “well guys, here issss, hope you all liked this one, give here a big thumbs up, subscribe in my channel if you want be notified when I post one more and I love you, thanks again for 2 million, YASSSSSS BYE” I said putting my hand in front of the camera.

After this I go sleep. A day later I woke up and few minutes later my phone started to shake extremely and I went see what’s going on. I’ve just gotten 2,5 million and a hundred of mentions on twitter and 2 million on twitter.  “omg what’s going” I said looking at that. My mentions were a craziness ‘you’re so lucky’ ‘you are amazing’ ‘I’m subscribing’ ‘cant believe Nash said that’ ‘carter loves you omg’ ‘magcon are talking about her why luckyyyyy’ “WHAT”, I said and was checking the link that some people has sent to me. It was a video, a magcon video.

“WHATSSS…” Nash said “SUP” Carter yelled in the back and everyone started to laughed, they were all there, “we’re here to asking you guys some things because we’re bored aaand” Cameron was saying when someone jumped over him in bed “and we can’t destroy this room” Matt said laughing, “START ASKING!” Jack G yelled, “who of you would you date?” Jack J asked, “of course Shawnnnnn” Taylor said with a funny voice, “I don’t think we’d really…” Aaron started to say but Matt yelled “AARON BECAUSE HE’S PERFECT” then they all laughed.

The guys answered a lot of question, then I heard some thing “who’s your celebrity crush?” Matt asked, “I’ll say Molly the youtuber” Nash answered quickly, “NO! I SAW HER FIRST!” Cameron yelled, “guys, she’s mine” Matt said and Carter laughed louder, “no she’s not, because if she’s seen me she’d be in love” all they laughed, “boys she like someone who sings…” Shawn finally said, “BUT NOT YOU, I’m tall she like it” Jack G said, “BLONDE HERE EXCUSE ME” Jack J said, “she doesn’t like blond…” Aaron said laughing, “Someone cute and younger” Hayes yelled in the back, “she’s too much for you” Taylor laughed, “I SAID FIRST SO SHE’S MINE!” Nash said laughing, “We can divide…” Jacob started but Cameron jumped over him, “no we can’t she’s only mine” he said while Aaron was laughing, “I’d win her anyway” Carter said and Matt slapped him, “no” Shawn said laughing, “SHUT UUP” Jack J yelled and Jack G come in front, “well, we all agree that our celebrity crush is Molly because I don’t know, I think we’d love meet her” he said, “she looks funny so it would be perfect” Nash said, “and she’s pretty” they said together and after started to laughed.

After the video I didn’t get words to explain, I were more than happy, I were…that was unbelievable, I send tweets to some people and then I tweet them something just “ooow guys, it’s reciprocal hahaha I’d love meet you all, thanks for that!” and let my mentions going crazy again.

well, this is not…so much good, idk hope you all like it (: