Hello everyone! 

I know I havent updated like.. at ALL lately.

and its because…well..

Sad to say Im not really into homestuck as I used to be! I mean I still LOVE it dont get me wrong… It’s just I want to do my own thing now. You know… work on Original art and stories and everything. 

So you guessed it I am not going to update anymore. Im just not into it anymore and I have no motivation to work on this blog. I appologize to everyone. But this birds gotta FLY! 

Im not gonna delete this blog though because what if theres a time I actually want to work on it yea? 

plus I dont want to delete it and have anyone be upset that I didnt save any of the art. and that would make me super sad ahah. 

but yeah… sorry for leaving! I just want to do my own thing. 

Although if you still want to like.. uh… talk or see anything Im doing heres my OTHER blogs.


original art


ask for my NSFW blog please! Its not really for the weak of heart! 

Also here is my skype if anyone wants to say hi or talk about stuff

Skype - RougeFetus

So good bye all of my lovelies!

I am sorry I have to leave so soon and everything but I really want everyone to know

that I super had fun with this blog and it was so fun to make everyone smile! I am glad if I made your day somehow because all of my followers made my day! I love you all to death and I may or may not return! but for now I bid you a farewell.