So I got all these things last night cuz of Gripples and Mini ~

Gripples gave me the Cut Throat Concierge (fancyyy as fuck) , and the Strange Jarate (dat strange piss)

and Mini got me The Charmers Chapeau (Fab Spy set starting!), Old Guadalajara (MEXICAN PYRO. ITS WHAT I AM.), Teufort Tooth Kicker (cuz why now those shoes are awesome), Backwards Ballcap (Cuz aww yiss), and The Familiar Fez (Cuz it’s an awesome hat and I want to try out the Saharan Spy set, I just need the L'Etranger again) for the contest I won of hers <3

Love these and ty again ~ :y


I want to make a video to this song, and I’m gonna need some characters for it. It will take me awhile to make, and it will most likely be a still picture animation. I already have a few people I want to add, which I will list, so let me know if I have permission to add you into the video. :)




While Friedrich didn’t admit it, and enjoyed the soup in silence… deep down, he knew he really, really needed it. He hadn’t had a good meal in days, and it truly meant the world to him that Mini would take time out of her evening to come and bring him something warm and home-made. 

He thanked her, of course, with his usual stoic, blank-slate look… as he found himself unable to truly express his gratefulness.