i love my grandma, i really do :D 

she’s the coolest tiger dragon ever ^^ yeah, my grandma is a tiger dragon, and my grandpa (dad’s side. R.I.P. grandpa…) was a VERY brave pony ^^;  i’ll make a detailed family tree explaining how weird my family genes are, later.

anyway, recently it was my grandma’s birthday :D so i drew this for her <3 happy birthday grandma ^^ <3

sooooo i'm not dead

okay, so i know it looks like i pretty much died on here, and for the most part, because of that (brief) stupid job, i lost the brief scheduled i had for making stuff for this tumblr, and pretty much never got back into it.

considering i have a metric ass-ton (a Canadian unit of measurement, for those who didn’t know) of questions just collecting digital dust in my inbox, i should probably answer some…. like i used to….

problem is, the setup i had before pretty much sucked griffon balls for answering these questions, and made it way too bothersome for me. and since i REALLY wanted to do a tumblr blog, i figured I MAY AS WELL FIGURE OUT A NEW SETUP SO I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS THING AGAIN!

soooo yeah, i’m gonna completely redesign how i should do this, and get back to tumblring! ^^ just, you know, dont expect anything for a little bit. need to figure out how i’m gonna go about this…