<< See askzoroark’s question for the 2nd picture’s explanation! >>

Wow, there’s a lot of questions about my mask!  Alright, well, here we go:

I look like I’m crying because, well, that’s how my eye is structured.  I do, sort of cry a lot because I miss being a human! I really don’t remember much of it, though. Actually, I barely remember any of it at all!   It’s sort of like when family dies when you’re too young to remember, but you still remember them, if that makes any sense.

The mask isn’t to hide my face, though I could use it like that.  It’s the only thing I have to remember my human life.  If someone does try to wear it, though, I can possess them.  They’d deserve that for taking it!

Yep, I used to be human!  Oh, no, it’s fine.  You can go ahead and ask all the questions you want about it! I might get kinda sad though

It’s not really that important.  It’s not made of anything rare, it’s just regular old stone.  It’s the only important thing for me, though.  Heh, I suppose I am pretty interesting.

Yep!  It’s sort of a folklore tale, but it’s true!

I wasn’t anyone very special.  I was just a regular human, I didn’t do very much outstanding.  I attached a picture of what I used to look like.

Yeah!  A pretty long time ago, I was a human.  

<< Dfdnsal it didn’t turn out like I had thought it would
but yes I have a fetish for painting on book paper
oh well here it is!  It took yesterday and today to do XD sorry I couldn’t answer more questions! >>