I know “firebug” is a term used on people who like to play with fire a lot, so that’s why it suits me to a tee. I play with fire. I’m most proficient with fire magic, hell, I even dance with it.
But when did I get the name? What was I called prior to that?

The name Firebug has only been applied to me ever since my flank mark appeared, and my special talents became more obvious, but that was soooo long ago… I can barely remember what my parents had called me prior to that…

It had something to do with light, or joy.. or brightness..? I can’t remember.

askmarmalade asked:

34, 42 :D

Holy crap someone actually asked me a TMI TUESDAY and on my mod blog too. It makes me happy and well that numbers thing was from a while back but sure why not!

34. My biggest pet peeves

Talking about Dr Who around me for too long.

Oh dear lord an Englishman that doesn’t like Dr Who?! How is that possible?!?!?!

I gave the show a go and watched an episode (Yes of the new one that you all keep saying “Watch the new stuff you’ll loves it etc”) and it was just boring to me. Me and my brother really can’t understand why it has such a following though since its boring.

To quote my brother:

“Why are Americans watching a boring, low budget, English TV program when they have much more interesting sci-fi.”

Now of course your allowed to like it around me, people like all sorts of things and so I’m tolerant of them. Its just when you go on about this and that and then keep asking me why I don’t like it or “Go watch this episode” or something like that.

That really grates on me.

So just talk about it in moderation around me. Or don’t keep posting stuff about it on your tumblr cause I will unfollow if I get Dr Who spam.

My other peeve? People’s over reaction to porn or sexual things.

Look, you can say you don’t like it, but don’t go send hate mail to the person who makes it or the people who like it.

So if you don’t like that stuff just tolerate and people that do just be tolerant of people who don’t and just be careful what you post

Also the fact people want to butt into other peoples choices is silly too. I’ve mostly seen this around the whole issue of the large pony sex dolls that concept images were shown of once.

Now if someone wants to buy one of those, what effect does it have on you? Sure if you were Hasbro it would make sense since its protecting your brand identity. So if it doesn’t effect you, then just ignore it.

Anyway there are my rants over now.

42. Do I like where I am now?

Well I’m better than I was being depressed and failing in uni like I was almost a year ago. Now I’m getting along ok in a full time job.

All I need now is a stable, nice paying job and a girlfriend. But I’m guessing the second one won’t happen so meh.

askmarmalade replied to your post: *is the only one pissed off about the new Dark Shadows movie because its nothing like the show (either the original or the remake)*

im just screaming at Tim Burton right now…”WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!”


I feel like I’ve been the only one, I keep seeing commercials for it like WHYYYY?!?!

I was really excited at first, I love Tim Burtons work, and I love Johnny Depp as an actor. I’m very insure about even watching it.


As for dangers, the only advice I can give you, is to not dig under ponies’ homes! Especially in Canterlot…’s one of the reasons why I don’t come out from the safety of my mines. 

((trying out things on sai….i dont know…tradiotional stuff is easier, but it was still fun. and yes, i reused the second panel :P ))

where did you guys come from? O.o

um…hi…i havent really done anything in a while on here.. who’s paying you guys? 
seriously? >>
any who… hiyah! i guess i have more to add to the thank you followers project ive been working on….(I have fifty two now wooo)
plus i still need to answer questions…. 
everypony is awesome, thanks.