Columbian Exchange

“Captain,” Travis stated, bringing Jon’s attention to him. “We are approaching something, and if my scans are correct, I think its the Columbia, Sir.”  Jon stood up and walked forward to stand behind Travis.

“On screen.”  The view port changed to show a magnified view of the object they were approaching.  It indeed looked like the Columbia, but it looked like a very beat up Columbia.

“Hoshi, try and make Contact.”

erikaahernandez asked:

When you get a chance I suggest you talk with Malcolm if I don't see you before you get this. He has some information for you, something I'd rather not discuss in public. See you for dinner.

*frowns*  Alright, I’ll ask for a few minutes with him after we finish checking in with the Rodriguez family.  They run the Concord Freighter.

I look forward to seeing you, but you already know that:)

erikaahernandez replied to your post: ((Erika would actually be a little sad. She’s come…

((YES. I ACCEPT THIS HEADCANON! I honestly think that the way the relationship has developed between our muses, they are actually friends who pretend they aren’t friends and it is a really funny dynamic to play.))

// That’s just what I’ve been thinking this whole entire time!  I honestly started out planning to have him hate everyone but Jon but now he considers Erika a friend and he’s warmed up to the Ent crew but doesn’t want all of them to know it because LOVES poking fun at Mal and Trip, especially :D

MEMO: Status Report

To: All Members of the USS Enterprise NX-01 Crew

I need status reports on all departments, as well as individual status reports on how things are going on the ship. As this is our fifth year of mission, Gardner and the Senior Admiralty want to review the long term effects of our program and need to know your thoughts.

Please submit these reports to myself or Commander T'Pol before the end of the month.

Silik's Log

I have decided to reverse my course and return to the Enterprise.  I know that I will still be able to trace their warp trail if I do so now.  It’s not just that my benefactor would be most displeased to see me come back empty-handed.  Fine, it is.  But I also want answers to what happened to the Xindi weapon data.  Perhaps Jonathan still has a copy left that I can… borrow.

The Silik Files

I have taken a gamble boarding the Enterprise, but it seems as though it has paid off for me as I have not run into any of Lt. Reed’s welcoming parties.  I made sure my transporter signature was scrambled sufficiently for the ear of their communications officer to not be able to distinguish a transporter frequency from a communications feedback.  It may have raised some suspicion, but if so, then it will be delayed until after the officer recovers from an unfortunate bout of tinnitus.

Now to recover those Xindi files.

The Silik Files

Teehee.  While the Commander is busy scanning for anomalies, I have slithered aboard the ship undetected.  *Snorts* Primates!  My secret mission:  to break in and steal the Xindi files.  I don’t know what happened the last time… I’m sure it was my intention to have done so… I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past few days and I’m pretty sure that insufferable Q being was somehow responsible for the missing files.

askmalcolmreed asked:

Sir. I have Silik in a holding cell. He's requesting a meeting, wouldn't tell me for what purpose.

It seems Silik wasn’t willing to wait for you, Malcolm.  He’s sitting in my  room right now.  *shakes head*  We probably need to review how easy it is to get out of the brig.