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(OOC: Long story short: Sparkling Chaos is using a device that fuses dimensions and eventually destroys them. The generator is under the castle. One group of characters will go there, and the rest of them will get back the TARDIS of the 10th Doctor (it was stealed in the last story arc update, when the Doctor regenerated.)

(I hope to do the next updates in better quality. Not just “image quality”, i also mean how i draw. I don’t think this update is that good…)

(OOC: Before saying what i want to say i’ll say this: don’t worry, updates are coming soon, it’s just school that is a pain in the ass. Plus my digivice is stuck at the customs, because the italian postal service is full of a bunch of thieves.

Anyway: guys, you know that i’ve never asked you anything, but i need you for an important task. I made a bet with a friend: he says that i will never have a Tumblr Spotlight on Equestria Daily.

My point is: i would be really really thankful to all of you if you notify Equestria Daily about my tumblr. I’ll think of something special for all of you if we win the bet.)