Venom:“…Why did you say "The Doctor” that way…?“

Luna:”…Well…You know…He’s charming…“


(Answer number 150)


Reika:“And by the way: I WON’T QUIT SMOKING OK? If i ask you fuckers to stop with Nutella, how would you answer?!”

Luna:“How did you get in here…? Anyway, Venny doesn’t really count how many years he’s, we don’t know his age.”

(OOC: The first answer by Blazsword was submitted in the “Ask Luna & Venom” inbox, i couldn’t resist! I would really like to see Reika and Luna more together but for now the plot that i have in mind (the story, not ponies’ asses you perverts…) forbids it…And by the way, Blazsword don’t feel bad about Reika’s reaction, she’s just grumpy.)


“Good Luck, and be sincere with yourself and your friends. I hope this present will help. L.”

(OOC: introducing, Luna’s disguise when she has to walk around during night. This is another really late tribute, i have another one to do, i hope to finish it when i finish all my requests, for now i’ll be back to “normal” answers. Plus, i decided to do something like this because i actually sit down to read Joen’s blog to make at least a decent tribute. IT WAS A MISTAKE, AAAAH THE FEELS.)