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Okay, I lied. But I did want to finish all of the gifts and put them in one big photoset. This took me 2 whole days to finish. Now, to work on the second page of gifts…lll

Order from left to right:





Edge Doodle:


Chocolate Dip:

Tiny Twilight:

Rose Wine:

Aqua Splash:

Water Lily:

Fleur De Lis:

Wild Card:

Coffee Bean: /


Sweet Cream:

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering by now “Why are you making so many gifts for so many people?”

I made these to thank you all for being such lovely people who cheer me up, give me so much imagination, inspire me, and always being there for me. I thank each and every one of you who drew something for me, followed me, talked to me and the ones who are seeing this. You are all the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

I love you all.<3

Gifts Part 1/3(?)

I was stuck on a tree with Prosopeio and somehow we had tea and cake. All of a sudden it began to rain so we tried our best to climb down the tree.

And now my mane’s going to fluff up and stick to anything that touches it…how lovely..


I’m just very difficult to impress.


((That’s right. She may seem badass but she’s just very indifferent and hard to impress. And terribly sorry for not putting the question on, I accidentally deleted it..^^;))

EDIT: ARGH, im such an idiot! The question actually came from helix! I am so sorry!! I’m such a fool..!!