Tel: Why did you throw this party? It’s not like you.

Crimson: Hehe, I drugged the drinks. Sweet Nightmares everypony, I’ll be visiting your dreams shortly!



Well, I’m at 259 now so I guess I’m kinda late. But Thank you all so much! And thanks again for everypony who kept me company during my livestream, it means alot to have you all following me.

Unfortunately I could not draw everyone, so here is everyone included in the picture starting from top-left to bottom right:

On the balcony:

My 2 OC’s Emera and Lord Crimson


Under the staircase and onto the bar is:

In the back:

In the front:

Then my 3rd OC Emera flirting with

and then

Table next to staircase: taunting

Table in front (The duo bearded ponies): drinking with

The mid table dancing:

The last table:

And sitting in the lobby:

and just coming in

Again thank you all!

(If you want a close-up if your OC let me know, it turned out bigger than expected. Also a text response to all of you, including your nightmare for this night, eventually.)

Crimson: Somepony is creeping around around in my forest, taking out my humble …um, servants. Why would anypony want to do this? They are not hurting anypony. Hehe, except who I want them to hurt.

((A little something for Midsummer, also an excuse to draw one of my beastes.))