I can really sympathize. 

You can try my “self empowered” spell, which is great for strengthening your sense of self and moving pass things that once tormented you.

You will need a medium for this spell (A dried root or a bone work nicely as the medium)

It is a type of shrine spell, so be prepared for the spell to take a bit of time, though as more time goes by the stronger it becomes.

Items needed

  • a medium
  • two candles (red for power)
  • a bowl
  • herbs and stones that mean power for you (like mint or allspice)
  • a bit of blood (or you can use milk or blood orange juice instead)

You will set up the shrine, with the bowl in the center and the two candles next to it. Light the candles.

Place the stones of power around the bowl. You will grab the medium and place your power into it

“This is a representation of myself”

place it into the bowl and sprinkle the herbs of power upon it

“I grow in power”

Next, you will feed the root a drop of blood once a day.

“Every day in might

I grow filled with fight”

you will light the candles, place energy into the spell, and feed the medium blood once a day.

Each day the spell will grow stronger and stronger. On the day you feel ready, you will take the root and burn it.

Rub the ashes upon your palms and take all the power.

(A bit into personal practice and belief)

If done properly, curses usually don’t have a backfire, and their payment is relatively small.

If you’re afraid of the curse backfiring, I would do a few things

  • keep a small mirror and carry it around
  • if its a curse jar, I would paint it. Make sure it is no longer clear or see-through
  • burying the cursed object can prevent backlash

For Payment: I have recently gotten into the habit of jogging or picking up litter as a “pre-payment”. If anything, it gets me pumped up and ready to do what I want to do.

I’ve found that curses, along with other spells, work a lot better for me if I’ve cleaned or done exercise. 

best of luck


There are (personal practice) 5 different types of cures

  • warding
  • prevention
  • binding
  • teaching
  • destroying

Links on Curses:

Things to think about

  • what is the purpose?
  • What do you want to happen?
  • what is the main goal?
  • how vastly do you want it to affect people?
  • how strong?
  • what will you want to use?
  • how long?

Make sure that your friend will not get angry or upset about this. This is his mother.

Talk with him before hand.

Its also important to note that you should keep the curse well focused on the one person, since they live together.

You don’t want your friend to get caught up in the cross fire.


Another note, have you alerted authorities or any adults about this? It is considered a form a child abuse, and I would definitely alert someone about it.

Your friend’s safety comes first. 


Get a small bottle and fill it with thorns, pieces of glass, or anything sharp.

It represents the pain caused. 

Take a ribbon and tie it around your hand. It represents the link to the pain.

“I am no more bound to you.”

Cut the ribbon and place it into the bottle, seal it shut with wax, then throw it away 

Lavender does a bit of both. It does attract, but it also repels certain fae. I find flower fae, tree fae, pixies, gnomes, and brownies seem to like it.

But, I have yet to see or meet any goblins around the house.

Cinnamon seems to do well with Fae

  • apple peels
  • hawthorn berries
  • elder berries
  • blue berries
  • crushed raspberries
  • rose petals
  • lilies 

these seem to do well with the fae I work with 


First and foremost, it is important to know that Astral Travel varies from person to person, and not everyone will experience negative/positive things from it. So with each individual, it is important to learn how you feel about it.

Ok to the first question: About being able to easily leave your body. It can be dangerous to a point. You might wonder off. The link to your body may (may being the key word) be weaker or more faint as a result of this (it depends).

This can easily be solved by tying yourself to your body, create a link, or even leave a “Trail of bread crumbs”

You can even create an artificial entity that’s sole purpose is to assist you into getting to your body. There are a lot of different solutions to this.

Second question: Personal experience below

I’ve actually had the opposite happen. I feel the pain that my physical body has. It transfers to my astral form. When I had a kidney infection, I could feel the after effects in my astral form for weeks. 

I can even get aches, bruises, and be in pain because of what happens to my astral body. So it can transfer the other way as well.

Of course, it varies from person to person. My astral body and physical form are just very closely linked 

as someone who is not from a closed culture, I cannot answer this too well.

However, I am apart of a semi-closed religion. In that case, you must be very careful. A lot of people could be greatly insulted, and for good reason, if you disrespect their beliefs.

I believe these links can help you out

How to Find a Deity Without Being an Appropriating Douche-Face

I would do my best.

Though generally if it is an indigenous religion or the religion of a prosecuted people, I would assume it is closed. 

Research into the religion and its people. Do they voice their opinion of outsiders coming in?


I was thinking a bit about how I wanted to respond.

DId I wanted to take this seriously? Or did I want to throw as much useless and pointless shit as you did?

Did I even want to spam my lovely blog with this? Or did I want to do a smack down?

Do I even care? Should I just go “whatever” and just curse you?

So many possibilities.

I just don’t know. I honestly don’t.

What to do with a cowardly, nosey person…hmmm….eeeeeeeh

I’m not sure.

What should I do my horrible, little anon? What should I do followers?

Should I pity this fool? Should I teach them a lesson? Should I ignore them as the little nothing they are? Should I take this seriously???

What should I do?

Its been like so long since I’ve gotten any of this generic hate~ I am a bit perplexed.

decisions decisions 

There are many things that one can do to help figure out who and what they are.

  • Meditation
  • dreams
  • outside help
  • sudden realization
  • research

Try meditation to search within to find what you are. You can also find hints and possible clues within dreams, so start keeping a dream journal.

Outside help can vary from another kin to a non-human entity. Though be careful, just because they are not human doesn’t mean they cannot lie.

Sometimes the answer comes without even trying. The sudden realization that you knew all along what you are. Trust your gut instinct. It rarely fails you.

Research is one of the best things you could do. Research into possible choices and debate which feels more right.

Best of Luck