anonymous asked:

Can you make a top 10 list of favourite ask pony blogs?

Gee that would be impossible. Firstly because I love every askblog I follow, secondly because I don’t really follow many pony ask blogs.

What I can do is write a list of all the pony blogs I follow in the order I started following them, would you be interested on that? Of course you would! So here’s the list:

- ask-thecrusaders (From ze great Jan. Also inspired me to create my pony blog!)
- i-dream-of-twilight-sparkle (Mod is pretty chill, and the story is really great!)
- asktwixiegenies (Another take on pony genies, and it’s pretty cool too)
- brainy-twilight (Mod is really nice, and the concept is interesting as hell!)
- twixie-answers (Mod is an incredibly cool dude. Also inspired me to mother Sunset and Trixie in my blog)
- inconvenienttrixie (Fun as hell. S'all I can say about it!)
- askninjatwilight (Ponies and ninjas mixed up together. Can you ask for more? The answer is no, obviously)
- askweabooderpy (The blog of my good friend Usagi. You know, the girl that helps me with designs and stuff. Go follow ‘er!)
- ask-melissa-and-the-band (A really complex story. Mod is pretty chill.)
- sliceofponylife (The show could perfectly follow the path this blog has taken in a near-future Equestria.)
- askcloudsdalefillies (Rainbow and Flutters as fillies. Cuteness ensue)
- motherlyscootaloo (Scootaloo just can’t catch a break. Don’t trust the mod, he’ll never write a happy Scoots xD)
- thelittlemagician (The most cute take on filly Trixie. Seriously go follow now)
- highschool-cadance (Cadence was never a confident mare of love as the show depictes. And she’s madly in love with the super handsome and popular Shining Armor)
- askezioauditoredaequestria (Ponies and Assassins’ Creed 2. Nuff said)
- ask-trixie (Because Trixie and Flutters can be friends too!)
- theroguediamond (This is a comic. Celestia gone mad, Spike on her own. Anthro ponies and guns. Go dig in that blog!)
- askgamingprincessluna (Remember that blog that was created after Molestia was shut down for the last time? Yeah, this is it)
- twilightunbound (When anthagonists have evil plans and the means to do them)
- askmaresombra (Sombra as a mare. Her story and her goals. Beautifully drawn, btw! And mod seems a really nice person.)
- ask-teen-chrysalis (Chrysalis was a good gal in her youth!)
- spiderponyrarity (You should follow even if you don’t like spiders.)
- ask-twispike (Not a fan of twispike? Might wanna reconsider with this blog!)
- questionmaudpie (Maud as a cute little filly. Do I really need to say more?)
- askpalette-swap (One of the most talented artists in this fandom, and mod is a pretty humble a nice lady. Go follow =D )
- slice-of-life-twilight (The EPIC adventures of a Twily Plushie in the human world!)
- asklittleluna (When Celestia is that kind of sister that picks on you but really loves you)
- cheesewiz (Trixie and Cheese Sandwich trying to live together. This can only end well)
- steamquestria (Humans, Equestria, Steampunk. Go follow or go follow)
- lunabotic (A grimdark blog of a robotic Luna. Mod is a pretty cool dude!)
- talesfromponyville (More slice of life pony!)
- askflufflepuff (I’m sure you know this one. An OC can get really popular really fast)
- askcrystalcrusaders (Celestia and Luna’s fillyhood in the Crystal Empire! Yaay!)
- discorderlyconduct (When reforming villains becomes a full-time job.)
- foudubulbe (The first and most popular dude to ship Trixie and Maud!)
- askthevetpony (The daily life of a pony vet)
- ask-sunset-shimmer (For a reason I’m unable to understand, I don’t get this blog’s posts in my dashboard… But It’s about Sunset, so go follow!)
- ask-human-in-ponyville (What if a confused human gal suddenly appears in Equestria? Panic!)
- children-of-everfree (More spider ponies, this time with Flutters! Mod has an interesting concept and LOTS of patience in their posts!)

All of them are good, so go follow 'em now!