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I've seen better art done on mspaint. This is the worst silent hill ask blog ever. You shoud just delete it. Your so stupid and give Lisa Garland a bad name. Just stop.

(( If you think you can do better, then by all means start your own ‘Ask Lisa Garland’ blog. I’m looking forward to seeing it. ))

“Just a birthday present for miss Garland… I drew most of it, but Little Walter drew a couple of the flowers because he picked a couple flowers like the ones in this picture that he wanted to give to her, but they sadly got a little squashed as he put them in his pocket… I helped him out with the drawing of course... Little Walter wishes Lisa a happy birthday.”

[[ A late Birthday present for Lisa that I haven’t uploaded ‘til now. Now to draw presents for Mem-Alessa, Claudia and Murphy. ]]

We never even made it out the door…

(( As you can see, my valentine this year was Eddie! /brick’d for making a pizza joke. SM Lisa’s will be a bit late due to a file corruption, but I promise to get it up ASAP. Happy Valentine’s day, Eddie! And Happy Valentine’s day to all of the Silent Hill ask bloggers and my followers! I love you guys <333 ))

Hey everyone! I’m really sorry for my absence. As you can see, my tablet broke, so I’m stuck doing traditional art for a good while. The reason it took me so long to post though is because I was honestly scared everyone would lose interest if my blog no longer featured digital art. I have obviously put aside my fears though to bring you the answers that your questions demand. I see that I have a lot to catch up on, so expect a lot of me on your dashboards. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. I missed you all so much! *hugs*