Yes, Welcome to the Mystic Library, the largest library in the kingdom. Feel free to take a look around. Refrain from talking and do not damage the book in anyway from folding the pages or tearing. Some of these books are far older and definitely more valuable…

Any questions, feel free to ask but do so quietly for heaven’s sake.

Family Headcanon

Arthur was the youngest in the family until they adopted Alfred. He was in charge of the young boy since his brothers were all busy with their jobs.

Soon a new baby boy, Peter, was born into the family when Arthur was around 11 years old and became the caretaker for the baby but also for the 5 year old Alfred. He constantly had his hands full with the two, as well as getting teased by his older brothers.

((This may be one of the reason he likes books. They don’t make noise or beg for attentions LOL))

OOC: conversation with Fina

Mun: So many people flirt with Arthur
Fina: Well, Arthur’s hot
Mun: Well, I guess I did make him a multiship blog. They can pair their muse with him all the want but they have to work for it
Fina: They have to work to get into his pants! XD Glorious Pants! It will be such hard work.