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Anon 1: No I haven’t– I’ve heard of homestuck but I have no single clue what it’s about;;;

Anon 2: Yes! I love those! they always gives me feels ;v;

@firecat1108​: thank you! regarding Chara looking like Haku, it’s prolly because I did use Haku as my reference. I just really like the feel of the design~ But unlike Haku, Chara is really sinister and apathetic towards the feelings of others (until Frisk came to ruin their already dead life). Plus eyebags.

@igottadorito: soon. I’m just slow cause I get tired from work and commutes.

Anon 3:

Still looks the same.

Anon 4: I LOVE YOU TOO //THROWS SHOUJO SPARKLES. Please love yourself more! My art is just full of rushed trash tbh ;v;

Anon 5: Yesterday yep! but then again I’m always late with asks askldj thank you all for the bday greetings! QvQ

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Was there any moment Between C and B that you felt was kinda sexual?

2012. smtown. to this day i dont know what the fuck baekhyun was trying to do everything abt what he did seems sexual and asj;ldfj;askldj idk it was too intimate idek 

3 years later i still dont know what the fuck this was omfguuckingdodd it doesnt feel like fan service like ugh you know what im saying like wtffff

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my url? my url pls.

( @alteanslegacy​ // tbh — // not accepting )

Do I Follow Them?: yes !!
Why Did I Follow Them?: wonderful allura okay & honestly i didn’t even know you had an allura ??? p sure i followed your starfire first bc i was lowkey stalking & now i don’t even know how many blogs i follow you on ??? askldj
Do We Role Play?: yes! it’s a small thing now but it’s still a thing
Do I Want To Role Play With Them: absolutely
An AU Idea For Our Muses: uh…altean siblings au? modern au? ffff idk i’m down for anything
Do I Ship Our Muses?: no
What I Think About The Mun: we haven’t really talked from what i’ve seen, you’re really amazing — & have as many, if not more, blogs than i do like that’s a feat laughs my im / discord / skype is always open whenever you want to talk / plot or anything ;w; 
Overall Opinion:

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Am I the only one who sees that Thorin looks different in auj then in the other movies? like he looks a bit more dwarfy, and maybe that's what they were going for and then they realized like damn everyone loves Thorin, lets make him a tweak sexier ? DO YOU SEE

i’ve noticed this too. i mean he is just aksldjaksd in botfa, especially towards the end of the movie. it may be that since the story is pretty much all bilbo’s perspective, thorin gets more gorgeous the more bilbo falls in love with him ;)


Ahora estaba mucho mejor, con la ayuda de su amigo que le consiguió la medicina tuvo una recuperación rápida, sin embargo todavía seguía en alerta, por lo que llevaba una bufanda morada sobre su cuello. Con el cargador en mano, se dirigía hacía la habitación del castaño a buscar al felino, traía el portador ya que si lo llevaba en mano tendría frío y probablemente se escaparía de sus brazos. Las escaleras parecían interminables pero luego de unos minutos pudo localizarse, leyendo una vez más el mensaje de texto para verificar que estaba en la dirección correcta se paró en la puerta y toco un par de veces, esperando que no tuviera que esperar mucho ya que el frío se le hacía insoportable a pesar de los abrigos que llevaba encima.