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Aryn lazily walked through Goldenrod, knowing she was slightly early. She hadn’t been able to stay at home however, the idea of meeting up with Gold for a date making her unable to focus on anything else. It made a smile tug at her lips as her steps lead her to the meeting point.

Gold was already there, and Aryn’s smile widened. “Hey!” She greeted as she approached. “You haven’t been waiting for long, right?”

As Gold heard he call out to him, he jumped up and smiled back at her. He walked over towards her with a grin on his face. “I actually just got here. How are you?”

Gold was excited. The prospect of a date was a little nerve wracking, but he wanted to see what would happen. Besides, he doubted he could embarrass himself too much.

♥–Alex was taking a walk through the park, snow covering the ground with ice hidden underneath. Some spots were particularly slippery, the raven moving with caution as he did not wish to fall.

It’d been a fairly quiet day for him, most of his friends having left town during winter break. The ones that were still in town were apparently busy with family– leaving Alex to his own devices. He decided to spend his vacation doing what he enjoyed most, taking walks and writing- even picking up a habit of singing when no one was around.

♪♫I always ask myself
How could this darker cloud make me strong now.
I’ll always ask myself
When will this go away?♫♪

Slipping as the last word left his lips, he let out a startled squeak– a sound that he’d doubt he made later on. Nearly falling, he regained his balance at the last moment before shivering.

Did the temperature drop?

He closed his coat further in vain, having had it previously half zipped. Now with the zipper further up, he felt a bit stiffer but not warmer in the least. His gloves soon failed to protect his hands from the biting chill, his neck growing cold as winds bit through his scarf.

He sighed as he decided he’d go back home, the unforeseen drop in temperature discouraging him from walking any longer. He had the tendency to catch colds and other various illness easily, the raven not wishing to spend his vacation in bed.

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The young king was uneasy at the predicament  but it couldn't be helped. If he wanted to don’t attract attention, it had to be done. Haou had just arrived at the Duel Academy island, properly dressed up in Slifer Red uniform to avoid being detected. 
His goal is to reach the ruins of the abandoned dorm, where the first objective is located. However on his way, at the forest, something caught Haou’s attention. Someone saw him. He turns around, cautiously.

Aryn’s eye took into her surrounding. Surprise didn’t even come as she found herself in an unknown place. Training with her transportation magic often lead her somewhere new or unexpected, after all.

A soft breeze blew threw the forest, caressing her light blue hairs. Aryn knew it was not Camelot’s forest. However, this area had remains of magic. Who knew what happened?

A power source caught her magic attention, and Aryn turned. Just some feet away, a young male was making his way. Aryn took some steps toward him, then stopped as he turned toward her. Her light blue eyes locked with the gold ones-a shiver running down her spine at the power she could feel.

“Hello. Could you tell me where I am? I am a bit lost.”

The young male sensed something about the woman before him. While her garments were out of place, there was more than meets the eye.

“ You are at the Duel Academy island.” his voice is inhumanly cold.

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It was only a matter of time before Merlin had to stop his sprinting to turn skyward, eyes blazing into an angry golden shade to defend against the diving attackers. Wyverns were about as disobedient as Merlin had been concerning Arth–…ah…well, bottom line was they didn’t listen, despite what he was. Merlin had half the mind to tell them off in dragon tongue to go drown themselves. It’d be a bitter slap to the face if they actually listened for that one cruel order; just his luck for him to add more blood to his hands.

“Ithi!” a rejecting screech was his answer, Merlin continued his run through the woods, ducking down as one swept over and past him. “Listen to me, damn it.” Merlin added with a weariness that could be felt by any living thing in the area, no doubt. Perhaps the creatures felt this supposed weakness and unwillingness to truly send anyone or anything away - seeing his new state of loneliness - and that’s why they persisted.

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They had asked her to do something huge, and she couldn’t really disobey. Even as the queen of Arendelle, Elsa knew that some things even she couldn’t sway against. For example… being asked to protect her kingdom by going to seal away a large dragon that had been spotted a few miles away; that was something she was obligated to do.

Elsa knew very little about dragons. She had never seen one, either, but being given the description of “a large, foreboding lizard with wings that can quite possibly breathe fire” didn’t really ease her mind at all. Ice and fire, that was never a good mix. 

She had been asked to seal it away, but… part of her hoped she wouldn’t even need to do that. She hoped that, perhaps, if the creature was sentient, she could just… encourage it to leave. 

Look at her, already commiserating with a dragon she didn’t even know. As she rode, she shook her head. Snap out of it. She clutched at the horse’s reins a little harder, taking a deep breath.

They were rapidly approaching the large mountain-cave that the creature had last been spotted in. “Okay, Elsa,” she mumbled to herself. “You can do this.” The horse halted, and she quickly dismounted, giving the creature a pat on the neck in thanks. “Wait here. This won’t take long." 

She paused. "I hope.” Ergh.

A few steps in, and her strides grew a little less confident. The cave walls echoed with her footsteps, and she could hear… faint breathing a few feet in.

She steeled herself, taking a deep breath. “I know you’re in here…!” Her hands grew icy. “Dragon… or whatever you are, come out and face me.”

All she could do now was wait. It knew she was here… she’d just have to try her best to survive. She’d done it before, fight for survival. This wouldn’t be too different… right?


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19. A date

Gold rubbed the back of his neck as he headed to the spot where he’d agreed to meet Aryn. He didn’t even remember how the idea of a date had come up, but it was an exciting idea - and there was a grin on his face. He leaned against the lamp post on the corner of the street in Goldenrod, waiting for Aryn to arrive.

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