ask-thenew-blaine replied to your postSo are you friends with Kurt or not?


It’s weird that you’re playing the jealous/possessive boyfriend part when you’re the one who cheated in the first place.

askkurtie replied to your postSo are you friends with Kurt or not?

If that’s what you want.

What, did you want me to say that we’re ‘best buddies’? We barely even talk, for fuck’s sake.

Dearest Kurt Elizabeth Hummel,

Happy Birthday, my dear! Kurt, you’re the most amazing person I’ve have ever had the chance to meet, and I really hope you never forget how special you really are. Never change who you are because you’re an amazing person.  I am… so proud to have known you for the biggest changes into your entire life. There’s no one like you Kurt, you’re flawless, to me, and even if you think you have flaws— you’re perfect with those flaws. You can do anything your heart desires and I know you’re going to go so far and I’m glad that I’ll be able to watch every single giant moment that goes through your life because I know I’ll always be in your heart– and yours in mine. So when you have your first Broadway show, and when you let out your first ‘Kurt Hummel Original’ fashion line, I definitely will be there to watch it all go down, no matter what, and hey– I’ll even bring Eli along so we can cheer you on.

From the moment I met you on the Dalton Academy staircase when you tried to be a spy for the competition, there was always something about you that stood out above the rest. You were, and I repeat, that person that I saw that made me stop in my tracks and realize, “Oh, there you are, I’ve been looking for you forever.” You’re determined, and I don’t think you could ever lose that no matter what. You are so strong Kurt, and I’m so glad I could see you build up that strength. We’ve had our ups and downs, that’s for sure. There were times when I absolutely wanted nothing to do with you, and there were times when you invaded my dreams, my every thought was about you, Kurt, and yet… here I am, still in love with you. I’m never going to lose sight of my second crush and first love. We’ve made each other laugh, and we’ve made each other cry but no matter what— you’ve been yourself. You are such an inspiration to everyone you meet, Kurt and I hope you realize that because— by George, you literally are an angel walking on the surface of Earth because of all the hearts you touch every single day you’re alive. 

We both have moved on for the best and I am so glad that we’re still best friends no matter what. Adam makes you so happy and I support him no matter what, and god, Eli… Eli’s amazing. But I still will always love and cherish the memories that we have had together no matter what. When you’re sad, I hope you don’t let it get you too down because you always know that the sun will come up, you will live another day and it gets better. Courage, remember? Your whole life is a prime example of that phrase. You went from being bullied, from feeling like… absolutely nothing, to this amazing fashionista and actor who lives in New York! You’re in New York, Kurt. The city of your dreams. Take it by the horns and seize the day— seize your entire life! I love you and that will never ever change. I. Love. You. And I am so glad to have you in my life.

Happy Birthday Kurt. Stay strong and keep being amazing.


–Blaine Devon Anderson