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Ooh! Well if it isn’t my good friend, Komaeda! Tell me, how have you been since I last saw you? I would assume not good! You did chop off your arm and replaced it with Junko’s if memory serves me well…!!

Oh, you mean this? Oh yes, I did. I regret not having the use of my left hand anymore, but regardless, I feel as though I’ve gotten one step closer to reaching that ultimate despair I so crave nowadays… Of course, I’d be enjoying it more if I wasn’t in a coma, but hey, I figure I’ll get lucky and wake back up. And when I do…… We should go rollerskating or something, man. >__>

anonymous asked:

Komaeda do you ever think you got Despair and Hope mixed up with each other, since it appears you love despair


How can one get those two mixed up? It’s like… Putting salt in your tea…I love despair? No I don’t.

I hate despair more than anything but the ultimate hope is born from the ultimate despair. I might be using despair but don’t love it.

I tried to make some pancakes...

Because the first one ended up too thick and probably is still a little bit raw inside, I put all my hope in the next one.

Which ended up also being too thick. And when I tried to turn it around…


Uh… And it ended up something like this:

Nee, Hinata-kun, I made some pancakes for you <3 They probably will still taste okay if you pour some syrup or jam on them… I think…