mbti types as people I’ve met


  • probably invented multitasking
  • really awkward social butterfly
  • the kind of person that watches 10 series at the same fucking time
  • cute nerd
  • can be suprisingly stubborn


  • either a hufflepuff or a slytherin
  • *has cheated on a test once and never did it again because they felt so bad about it* 
  • phlegmatic
  • so many gay ships
  • you know you fucked up when they’re really angry at you


  • the most chill person you’ll ever meet
  • looks flawless even when they’re not trying
  • “I am the best” - they’re goddamn right
  • softie on the inside
  • basically Tony Stark


  • pretty awkward for someone with auxiliary fe
  • kind of bitter and done with life
  • intense stare
  • they go from “nice to meet you” to “your parents were abusive which resulted in you having no confidence in your abilities” real fast
  • they have more secrets than I have daily thoughts about killing myself and that is impressive


  • more intelligent than most people give them credit for
  • actual sinnamon roll
  • you’re dead the second they start scheming against you
  • they secretly crave affection
  • likes to tease their friends


  • damn they really do like screaming at other people when they’re pissed
  • really good at telling stories
  • even better at organizing parties
  • genuinely wants to help you
  • don’t really give a fuck about rules


  • pretty shy at first
  • have a hard time with reserved people
  • a bitch for gossip
  • respected by most people, even the ones who dislike them
  • stubborn as shit


  • it doesn’t matter what you’re good at, there’s always an entj who’s better at it
  • the mentor who doesn’t die
  • they will crush you if you cross a line
  • pretty laidback and chill actually
  • as stable as a rock


  • aren’t appreciated enough
  • they all have that secret inner Eddard Stark inside them
  • loyal to a fault
  • cinnamon roll
  • tough love


  • charismatic af
  • they will tell you about their whole life in a subtle way even when though you did not ask
  • kind of clingy if they like you
  • loves going to parties
  • always perceptive about everyone but themselves


  • social justice warrior
  • kind of self destructive
  • full of love and hatred at the same time
  • they need to chill
  • “animals are better than people”


  • weird main character
  • probably smokes weed
  • that person who comes up with a plan that makes no sense whatsoever
  • I question their sanity every once in a while
  • deep and philosophical


  • lowkey badass
  • probably artistic or good in sports
  • would probably punch you if you’re an asshole
  • Fi doms generally need to chill tbh
  • means well but handles stuff the wrong way sometimes


  • can be so troublesome if unhealthy
  • ”I will do what I want, mom!”
  • always played outside as a kid
  • probably feels like the world treated them the wrong way
  • kinda hot though?


  • aren’t interested in many things, but when they are, then they’re really passionate about it
  • world domination is an actual goal
  • “I don’t need to feel in order to understand”
  • they will judge you for every irrational thing you do
  • sighs about your stupidity, but helps you anyway


  • argued with their teacher at least once
  • sassy and funny
  • don’t know what to do with their life
  • can lash out on their loved ones if hurt
  • good at making friends
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