[ Roleplay | Closed ] Foreign origins

[ I left it rather open so you can add whatever would fit as your characters’ place. I would assume Kretosh may get along with Koishe best, while he would need to get used to Mius. And I am unsure about Kichuna. So unless you want me to fully decide, choose whichever you feel like playing. c: ]

With the suffering that roams through the deeps of his home, even those under the old warriors command are growing tired in their neverending fight against those following the lord that once was all their pride but now only wishes for more power. It ashames Kretosh that he is limited to such numbers, sending most into their death, only to gain more time. This is not what he wished for his people, his friends. But as he climbs up the outskirts of the deeps they live in, holding onto the magnificent crystals of many hues that stick out to not fall, the commander turns his head one last time, looking down upon the kingdom.

What had once been filled with laughter and joy had now only screams of pain and sorrow echo through the hollow place, falling on his deaf ears. Despite not being able to hear anything anymore, the horrible fate of innocent people does not escape his mind, where he clearly can make out the calling for help. Closing his eyes for only a moment, Kretosh turned his head back to continue climbing up the uneven wall. Was he fleeing? No. He rather die than run from a fight and punish himself to leave his people behind.

But how things are now, there is no option but to reach for help from whoever, or whatever, might be above those layers of earth and rock they live under. Their own numbers are decreasing each day, be it starved to death or simply murdered. The resistance is loosing hope, the mostimportant trait in this terrible chapter of their history. A once strong kingdom, standing together, now was divided, slaughter on its streets.

The male had much going on in his head, but not once stopped climbing, the long abandoned entrance to this place being his goal. Long ago, this started with a simple mine-shaft, their ancestors being nothing more but four-legged creatures. Over many centuries, they grew more towards the crystals and materials found deep in the earths. Many details went missing, but now, said materials are part of many, such as Kretosh. They are almost impossible to be broken, which is an obvious advantage in a fight.

Nonetheless, this was nothing he would think about now, but rather to hurry, for each second he takes, gives the person he once praised more chances to torture innocent lives. The thick hide Kretosh has prevents the sharp rocks that appear from cutting into it, and even though the male has been climbing higher than anyone with a sane mind would, he continued until his right paw felt even ground beneath it, and in just as much hurry, and care, the commander pushes himself up, onto the platform high above his home.

No one ever bothered to close this entrance, and the few boulders that were in the way would not stop him from his goal and were pushed aside with force that almost reflected anger, as annoyance but also worry was reflected by his cyan eyes while he made his way through the one tunnel where his very own ancestors once walked. While it was a thought to have, Kretosh only spent a second on it, and hurries his steps as much as it was possible, while being in a place that was smaller than considered comfortable.

It tore the male apart, leaving his kind behind, having only a faint hope that they were not the only ones. That somewhere, there were more to stand up for victims of violence. The tunnel may be long, and the climbing already drained much of his stamina, but the only thing that could ever stop him at this point is death. And while he had to get through many spiderwebs and kick bolders aside, the last wall of rocks he had brought to fall by slamming his whnole weight against it over and over again, forced him to close his eyes for a moment.

While the light underground was caused by a certain type of crystal, this one was differently, and reminded him of when those crystals were at their full power and more. While it was a waste of time, Kretosh remained at the exit of the mine-shaft for at least a minute before being able to even open his eyes again, only to view what appears to be a field with what he had only heard of in stories. And as he stepped on the small, green things it felt surprisingly soft, though his hide prevented him from feeling too much of it.

He took a few steps outside, still unfamiliar with the source of light, and this type of heat, but it did not appear to be hostile, yet. When looking back to where he came from, it was almost like he simply crashed through a hill, even the surroundings full of green, and none of the supporting wood at the exit, only those bolders laying around. This has now promised to be more difficult than expected.