askjulietsharp replied to your post: I really think it is time for all of you to come back and follow what is really happening in the gossip girl, because now you’re mixing your storyline with the real one, and most of us are following you because we like to see yours asnwers to questions in characters - but following the real plot. Decide. Don’t be mad, this is friendly advice from your follower.

Yep. But there won’t be any Nuliet convos until the show ends so basically nobody will even notice the storyline!

Alright, thanks for clearing it up, love! :)

OOC Message 2!

Okay Guys I figured it’s maybe time for another OOC message! Here we go! 

We’re all back to the real storyline. That means for me, no more Nuliet convos BUT you can keep on sending me questions and messages and I’m still gonna answer them. If I’m gonna receive any messages about the “Juliet pregnancy thing” I’m gonna answer them as if Nate and Juliet broke up and she’d want to raise this kid alone or something like that. 

So please don’t be confused or anything you’ll don’t even notice the Nuliet storyline until she comes back! Soooo if you’re confused though you can send me a message of course. 

xoxo, Leah :*