Well, it’s a long story really how we came to be in this position, but at the end of the day despite being a massive geek who likes weird hats he’s better for the job. When things get tough we all need someone who…cares. He cares about the GG’s a lot more than I ever did, for me the gang was just something to pass the time, a way to improve where we lived but as things went on we gained more members, things became more dangerous and suddenly there were a lot of responsibilities. I didn’t mind playing the hero at first but after being responsible for so many people, having to worry and call the shots leading stopped being fun. I lost that sense of freedom, I was willing to give up leading the GGs to have that feeling back.

Our relationship is superficial - We have history, sure but it’s hard to be around him after leaving without telling any of them why. We get along but I doubt we’re close enough to call him a friend.