Okay, so it’s a bit serendipitous that I was way behind on checking the RPM related tags. There’s currently 42 posts queued for tomorrow on FDOTW–and they all contain red pants.

And I expect lots more new stuff tomorrow.

Also, if you hadn’t seen yet (hah), reapersun has kickstarted the celebrations with some magnificent red pants porn.

Reaper, as for your comment about a year being too long to own a pair of pants, I like to think Sherlock buys him new ones as soon as the current pair shows significant signs of wear. i.e. everytimeitgetsstainedduringthesex

Happy Anniversary, everyone!

Look I know you think it’s funny and cute and all that you think I’d make a cute boy… I mean, Im sure I would… 

But mate- you’ve been rolling around in the pixie dust too much if you think that-

Just look. I can’t change into a boy. That’s impossible-




Oh. My. God.

I… not quite sure how that happened, but I seem to have changed… Hold on-


That’s a boy alright. 

And not bad if I say so myself.


So, in honor of this lovely lady’s birthday (and because I’m a sarcastic fuck and this is the only photo I have of us - i think) I created this.

Diana, you are… so amazing. And you are awful (“crunchatize me”, jesus christ). But that’s what makes you so much fun to be around. You have this bubbly personality and this light sense of humor and a fucking great laugh that just draws people in and I think that’s why everyone loves you so much. I know Penny and I do. Penny definitely more… lets be honest haha.

Anyways, I am so thankful to be able to call you my friend, and that you like my stupid jokes as much as I do. I hope this made you smile, and I hope you had a fucking great birthday.


Megan / Sebastian / i dont even know really tbh

just in case anyone was wondering, when you make your reservations for 221b Con next year, the Marriott will charge your account when you make the reservations, not after the stay.

ps- I wanted to go ahead and make reservations, but I don’t have an extra $400 laying around to commit to the hotel, so that was a no-go. So far, anyway. 

Edit: I went ahead and make a reservation. So far, I haven’t been charged, but I will let you guys know if anything changes. 

((ps- I signed up for the rewards program, because, well, why not? and it gave me some issues about my name not matching from my reservation, so I called the number just to try to fix it and the man from their customer service was unbelievably rude and told me to ‘chill out’ and that because I just signed up today, 'it’s going to take the system some time to recognize your name so just wait and try again’

listen DUDE, I am in NO hurry whatsoever, I just wanted to call like your goddamn website told me to, so you can go suck a fuck you asshat.))

so.. YAY I’m officially booked for 221bCon '14! I’m there from Thursday until Monday!


((Adventures in Omegle once again. Found everyone in tinychat plus some more people! Did not know that John and Sherlock from Cake and Bees was on at all owo And met the 11th Doctor haha. Thought I was following John and Sherlock on this account but apparently not owo;; Just to clarify a bit I follow them on my personal XD))