I want to grow old and keep bees out in the country with you. So this is my method of making sure that happens.

Love you.


((Thanks to anna-mator for making sure that our johnlock headcanon is super freaking adorable… and hello Ace. If you aren’t crying by now I haven’t done my job properly. Love you.))


Doctor Watson Embarrassingly Celebrates Engagement to Sherlock Holmes

In recent news, “Consulting Detective” Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson, his assistant and friend, have gotten engaged. I, Kitty Riley, journalist extraordinaire, have kindly asked for engagement photos of the couple. However, Doctor Watson has ‘graciously’ declined my request. Though with a stiff drink and a promise, I was able to obtain a video from Harry Watson, Doctor Watson’s sister, who was only estatic to release the video to the public and seemed very happy for her brother and Sherlock.

Ladies and gentlemen of London and the greater surrounding metropolitain area, I give you “Moves like Johnny.”

Sherlock Cosplay Blog Masterlist

A million years ago, in April when I started this blog, I tried to make a directory of all the Sherlock cosplay blogs. I think there were about 5. Look how we’ve grown since then!

If you notice I’ve missed any active blogs (and I’m sure I’ve missed plenty,) please PM me and I’ll add them. I’m placing the list under a cut because I intend to keep it updated.

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Red Pants Monday - Celebration?

Next Monday, the 28th of January, will mark six months since the first Red Pants Monday (30 July 2012).

It will be the 27th Red Pants Monday.

So who wants to celebrate?

I’m not sure how, but… we should celebrate.

(For those new to that glory which is RPM, you can read about its origins here.)


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