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Hi!! How big of a age gap do you think each member would date? Thank you!! Loving your blog btw💕

hello! again this is purely my opinion, so here goes.

Jin: I think he’d go for a younger girl, probably at least 2 years younger? The biggest gap he’d be okay with would probably be around 6 years, because any younger than that it’d be really awkward.

Suga: I see Yoongi definitely going for a younger girl. Someone who is more than 5 years younger than him. I don’t know why, I just feel he’d go for someone a lot younger. 5 years at the minimum, and perhaps 7 years at maximum?

Rap Monster: Namjoon could go both ways. But I don’t think there would be a very large age gap between him and his s/o, maybe around 3 years maximum? I don’t see him going for anyone 5 years younger/older and beyond, he’d probably be uncomfortable with the gap.

J-Hope: I believe Hoseok would end up with a younger girl as well. Pretty similar to Yoongi and Jin, I’d say. 2 years minimum, 6 years maximum.

Jimin: I think Jimin would be okay with both older and younger girls. Although he seems like he’d end up with a noona, I think he may end up with a younger girl who behaves like a noona as well. For him, the gap would probably be 5 years at maximum, for both older and younger.

V: I feel Taehyung would go for a younger girl, honestly. I don’t know why, but I feel pretty strongly for this? Taehyung totally seems like someone who’d end up with a ‘00 liner, I don’t know why. It just seems that way. But he’d be okay with dating someone his age, I suppose. but i imagine him ending up with someone 5 years younger than him idc

Jungkook: The members as well as Jungkook all said he’d end up with a noona, but I think he’d actually date someone younger than him. Jungkook is still young now, maybe that’s why he perceives a noona would suit him better, but as he gets along with age, I think he’d end up going for someone younger. Ideally, around 3-4 years younger.

my opinions can be totally wrong so meh i gave it a shot.

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What would the guy's do if their girlfriend got in a car accident and was in a coma stuck in the hospital? Like, would they stay with her, worry, how, etc? What would they do when she woke up? Thank you~~ I adore your blog

As they got the call with bad news they all would throw away what they’re doing and come to the hospital.

Jin would be nervous inside, trying not to show this on the outside. He would spend a lot of time talking to the doctor and asking questions. He would like to stay by her side all the time but of course couldn’t. He would be so worried that he would cry when no one’s around, not wanting to show his weakness. He would be convinced that he has to be strong for her. When she finally wakes up he wouldn’t be able to hold back his tears, gripping her hand tightly and said something like “바보야! I’ve been so worried“ and smile throughout tears.

Suga would be shocked and couldn’t process what he just heard. He would talk to the doctor with a straight face asking to be truthful. He’s sensitive but also very strong person, he could handle this well. He would visit his girlfriend probably once in two days or even less. Despite being strong his heart would ache and break on pieces everytime he saw her lying in the hospital bed, that’s why he wouldn’t want to stay with her long. When she finally wakes up Yoongi would probably grin widly, feeling the biggest relief in his life and saying “Yah! How could you leave me alone! Don’t you dare to do this again!”. He would disappear for some time letting her rest and then come back with flowers in his hand.

J-Hope would cry hard. They would probably have to give him some medicines to make him calmer and only then go to the hospital. He would instantly come by her side not even talking to the doctor or nurses. Hoseok would take her hand in his and beg her to wake up. He also would like to stay with her all the time. When she finally wakes up, he would start crying again- from happiness this time. He would hug her gently, caring to not touch her too much.

Rap Monster would probably stay calm. He wouldn’t freak out like his hyung and go to see her, his face in pain as he see the lifeless alike figure lying on the bed. He would talk to the doctor and then come back. He would sit listening to her breath- making sure she’s still alive. He would try to handle all that’s on his shoulders- his girlfriend being in a coma, him being a leader of the group and all that stuff. When she finally wakes up he would stay with her explaining what happened and talking about his life back when she was in a coma. Namjoon would probably prepare a date after his girlfriend’s eventual discharge from the hospital.

Jimin would try to stay strong, he would be so worried. He would instantly rush to the hospital with tears in his eyes, yelling at everyone who gets near him. He would firstly go to see his girlfriend and only then talk with the doctor. He would visit her everyday taking with him flowers, chocolates, plushies or the stuff she likes. He would talk to her about his life and ask to wake up. When she finally do he would be so happy that he would behave loudly even jumping and thanking god. He would kiss his girlfriend’s forhead and say ‘Welcome back’ showing his charming eye smile.

Taehyung would cry too. He would probably be a little closed in himself through this time, just sitting and not saying a word. The members would take him to talk to the doctor but he wouldn’t really hear what he’s saying, he would be too worried and shocked. He would come back to his girlfriend’s bed and wait patiently. When she wakes up he would smile and simply say ‘It took you soooo long’. He would also try to spend with her as much time as he can after her discharge.

Jungkook would be like J-Hope. He would cry and the members would have to give him some medicines to calm down. He would rush to the hospital still in tears worrying so much. The doctor would have to tell him everything twice back then. He would also thought that it could have been his fault, because he hadn’t been there to protect her. When she wakes up he would feel so happy and kiss her hand a few times staying silent and just enjoying being close to his fully awake girlfriend.

Thank you, I love you anon ♥

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Big questions, little questions, strange questions, normal questions, long questions, short questions, any questions go!

And oh hey first it was Orsin, then Baelik and now Nessa. I do wonder who will stand in for the sign holding next week!

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Hi!~ Could you possibly do a mini scenario of the morning after your first time and your hips hurt/can't walk straight with J-Hope & Jin? Thanks! You guys are great.


Narrow rays of the sun hit your face making it furrow in disagreement. ‘Why so early?’ You mumbled rolling on your belly so you won’t see the sunlight. There’s no need to say why exactly you had to sleep off… after last night. 

'Is my baby up?’ Asked a voice near your ear and you smiled into the pillow. Hearing this familiar tone made you re experience all the actions that happened only a few hours ago. The feeling of his delicate lips on your skin, his gentle voice mumbling sweet nothings into your ear, smooth hands caressing your legs lovingly. 

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how would v, suga, jin and jimin react when you always put your hand in their jacket pocket when it is cold or winter because it is warm and cozy? | i always do it by my friends ^____^

V would find it extremely adorable. He’d giggle the first time you did it, but when he learns that it’s your habit/something you like to do, whenever it’s cold/during the winter he’d intertwine his fingers with yours and shove your interlocked hands into his pocket. But he may not be that comfortable with you doing it with your friends, especially if they were guys. He would want it to be something special between the two of you, and the two of you only.

When you first put your hand into Suga’s coat pocket, he might give a questioning look. After which, he’d lazily hold your hand in his pocket, continuing on without a word. He’d be pretty chill about it, but he may not like it if you do this too often.

I think Jin would get a little worried when you first do this. Rather than finding it cute, he would make a comment about how you should wear gloves so that your hands wouldn’t freeze. He’d let you keep your hand in his pocket, but the next time he’d be sure to bring an extra pair of gloves for you in case your hands got cold again.

Jimin would find it extremely adorable as well, just like Taehyung. He would be all smiley and cutesy, teasing you a little, but mostly finding your actions adorable. Like Yoongi, he’d simply hold your hand in his pocket, but I think he would prefer if you didn’t put your hand in his pocket. He would rather just keep your hands warm with his hands. Like Taehyung, he may not be that comfortable with you doing it with your friends, especially if they were guys.

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How would Jin, Jimin, Suga, and V fall asleep with their girlfriend? Like what would they do when they're just laying down in bed about to go to sleep? Sorry if I confused you >.< Please and thank you! <3 <3

Falling asleep with Jin would be simple, but sweet as hell. It wouldn’t be anything special to be honest, just lying down and talking, nothing much, besides cuddling maybe. Jin would ask about you life, how your day was, what you have to do the next morning, also recount his day.

Jimin would be cuddly to death. Once in bed, he would lay on his side, leaning on his elbow and looking at you with the biggest smile. ‘Did you miss me the whole day?’ he would ask making the situation REALLY INTIMIDATING, since he would be literally eye fucking you already. His stare intense, but face innocent. I would punch him ok Not minding your response Jimin would answer flirty, making you shiver and being proud as fuck for making you feel this way. But he wouldn’t touch you at first. This little shit He would try to make your emotions obvious and only then do some skinship. Despite acting all hot, Jimin would start off sweet, hugging you, holding your hand, caressing your cheeks, but as soon as he kisses you, you can be sure it would turn out as something more.

Going to sleep with Suga would be something special instead. Like some sacredness? It would be this time when you both can do anything and everything, but the comfortableness (is this even a word?) could be felt in the air. He would be just lying in bed with you, sharing earphones and listening to music, commenting his fresh tracks. If either of you get tired he would put aside his phone and earphones and simply pretend to go to sleep. Only after some time would he place his arm around your waist why does he have to be so sweet 

Falling asleep with V would be specific. He would probably just lie and play games, basically fiddle with his phone, while talking about his day and ask about your day. Establishing some funny conversations he would grow tired fast and either fall asleep without noticing or ask you to go to sleep already. I don’t think he would be too reserved with skinship, quite the contrary. Taehyung would act fluffy even if he was hella tired. At least kissing you on the cheek or hugging you to sleep. 


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Can you please do the turn offs for the hyung line? ^^


  • arrogance/ignorance
  • rough
  • unfeminine (in terms of behaviour/speech)
  • cannot fend for themselves
  • immature
  • impractical
  • impudent
  • cursing/swearing
  • tattoos
  • hypocrisy
  • bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc)


  • girly/bimbotic
  • whiny/clingy/always complaining
  • submissive/dominating
  • cursing/swearing
  • hypocrisy
  • impudent
  • immature
  • impractical
  • narcissism
  • no goals/lazy/complacent
  • dependent
  • naggy
  • indecisive
  • excessively insecure
  • mushy/corny
  • bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc)


  • no goals/lazy
  • condescending
  • cursing/swearing
  • too many piercings
  • tattoos
  • hypocrisy
  • inattentiveness/nonchalance (to situations/events that mean something to him)
  • flirty
  • narcissism
  • judgemental/critical/opinionated
  • pessimistic/negative
  • impudent
  • bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc)

Rap Monster;

  • indecisive
  • opinionated/critical
  • inattentiveness/nonchalance (to situations/events that is happening around the world)
  • bimbotic
  • too girly/too cutesy
  • dominating
  • condescending
  • stubborn
  • bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc)

Again, this is all that comes to mind for now, but I’m sure there are a lot more.

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Since we are so pervy how about the sucking dick question but Jin this time?

Jin would act like himself, but something could be sensed in the air~ He would be giving you clear signals all day long, being more affectionate than the days before. He would kiss you more and in a more passionate and suggestive way. Despite this fact, he wouldn’t make a move until the night comes, so the atmosphere fits his plans fully. 

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As promised!

Enjoy it. It makes no sense.

… By the way, Jin dances to Abracadabra at the very end of this video.

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Hello! I really live the skinship things, so can I get one for Kim Seokjin? Thank yoooooooou!!!

holding hands

This wouldn’t be difficult for Jin at all, to be honest, but it wouldn’t happen very fast. Perhaps maybe only on the fourth or fifth date would he really initiate this. In my opinion, he’d be pretty bold and just grab your hand, but he comes off pretty traditional to me, and Koreans are very conservative, so that would probably be what’s holding him back. Unless he’s not as traditional as he appears to be, I would bet on the fourth or fifth date.


Rather than a genuine, warm embrace, I think Jin would stick to hanging an arm around his s/o for quite a bit. Maybe a month into dating, he’d finally genuinely embrace his s/o, but anything before that, it wouldn’t be an actual hug. My reason would be that he’d actually plan out when he wants to give his s/o a hug, just because he’s meticulous. Probably because it’s the first monthsary, that’s why he’d give her a hug. At least that’s what’s in my imagination.


This would definitely take some time. It could potentially happen on the same day as his first hug with his s/o, but it might not either. I think he would plan for a perfect moment for this; he wouldn’t want to make mistakes. He’d also want to ensure that his s/o was ready for it, before he actually initiated it, so this could easily take up to a month or more before it happens.


I don’t really see Jin as the type to particularly like cuddling, but since this requires quite a bit of intimacy, it may take some time. Maybe when he’s sure the relationship is somewhat stable, he’d initiate it, but that could take up to three months. He doesn’t seem like the kind of boyfriend who likes to stay home for a movie and consider that a date, so opportunities wise, there may be very little as well.

making out

Since they’ve already crossed the kissing milestone, this wouldn’t be too difficult. It would be a sort of in the moment kind of thing, so it might happen when he’s cuddling with his s/o. I would say around the third month as well?


This is taking it all the way, which I think he wouldn’t actually do it until he’s married to the girl. As much as his hormones and whatnot may tempt him, I doubt he’d actually take things all the way with someone he may not even marry. Whether it’s pure respect for the girl, or fear of getting her pregnant, I just can’t see Jin doing this before marriage.

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Jin comes off as the most traditional member, so naturally I would assume him to be the most inclined to Korean culture. People in Korea are pretty conservative, and the closest you get to seeing PDA would probably be couple T-shirts and stuff, so everything would need time in Jin’s case. Jin also seems pretty meticulous, so he might want the perfect moment for every step up, so all the more I don’t see these things happening real quick.

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What do you think each of the boys mbti is? Can you make your own list and compare to the one you posted before? I love your blog by the way!

thank you! hm, i’ll try.

Here’s the list we got off the internet:

  • Jin - ISFP
  • Suga - INTJ
  • Rap Monster - ESTP
  • J-Hope - ENFJ
  • Jimin - ESTJ
  • Taehyung/V - ENTP
  • Jungkook - ISFJ

Here’s what we think BTS’ personality type may be:

  • Jin - INFJ/ISFJ
  • Suga - ISTJ/INTJ
  • Rap Monster - ENTP/ESTP
  • J-Hope - ESFJ/ENFJ
  • Jimin - ESFJ
  • Taehyung/V - ENFP/ESFP
  • Jungkook - ISFP/ISFJ

We gave two of each (except Jimin) because we’re not very sure of the exact traits of each member, but the ones listed are the ones we felt resembled them the most.

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